"Invisible Bonds": Trailer & Patch Notes
"Invisible Bonds": Trailer & Patch Notes

Dear Sarnaut,

We're pleased to announce that update 6.0.3 “Invisible Bonds” has been installed on all game servers, bringing world-first kill rewards, smaller raid requirements for the "Gates" Project, and more! We hope you enjoy the latest changes - and our new trailer!

Total size of update ~1,177 Mb.
File size may increase if downloaded through the Game Center.



Adventures for small raids
⦁ With update 6.0.3, finding raid members for the adventures of the current season will become much simpler.* The "Gates" Project will become available only for small raids (up to 12 members). The amount of looted valuables will remain the same.

Stats auto-increase
⦁ New players now can experience the fervor of combats right from the very start! The new system will temporarily increase their stats to the stats of epic equipment.


⦁ The trophy draw interface in Skirmishes has been redesigned.
⦁ Spell animation for classes that use energy has been changed.
⦁ Left-clicking on a character name in the chat automatically inserts it to the entry field.
⦁ The order of categories in the Valuables tab has been changed. Now Rarities are always displayed at the top, while the rest of them are sorted alphabetically. Certain categories have been renamed. All Valuables have been moved to the corresponding categories.
⦁ You can target your character by clicking on the health or mana bar.
⦁ You can switch the party interface to the raid view through the main menu settings.
⦁ A new tab has been added to the spellbook, where long-standing effects will be displayed.
⦁ The bug that disabled the view of your current sum of debt with zero crystals on your account has been fixed.
⦁ The maximum password length in the client and the Game Center has been increased to 50 symbols.
⦁ The bug that occasionally prevented the increase of Willpower under control effects has been fixed.
⦁ With a certain chance, characters of levels 9-60 can receive a special offer to buy Recruit's Chests upon completing quests. The offer lasts for 3 hours and can be received once in three levels.

Guild Treasury
⦁ Tab descriptions have been added to the Guild Treasury interface.
⦁ Now you can browse Guild Treasury history by page numbers.
⦁ The operations with the Guild Treasury are displayed more vividly.


⦁ The bug that applied the Hoarfrost effect twice if the Hailstorm ability had been learned has been fixed.

⦁ The Crusade ability now works correctly.

⦁ The damage of the additional Acid Clot of Stormy Reaction has been increased.
⦁ The description of Blood Ties has been fixed.

⦁ The bug that prevented the application of the Victim effect when scouts attacked in Killer stance under invisibility has been fixed.
⦁ The bug that disabled the use of Hunter’s Arrow after the use of Onslaught has been fixed.
⦁ The bug that set the cooldown duration of all race abilities to three minutes instead of one after casting No Escape has been fixed.

⦁ The cooldown duration of Bark Shield is now calculated correctly.


Evermeet Isle
⦁ Astral Clump now binds to the character. It can be stored in the bag for 24 hours. Cannot be placed in the deposit box.

Tropical Atoll
⦁ Engineer’s Flying Pad, Hover Pad and Mage’s Flash cannot be cast on the Atoll.

⦁ Sparkton Pack 1.1 is now removed from the character’s bag after completing the Sparkton Pack 2.0 quest.
⦁ The bug that prevented the failure of the Love Conquers All... Harpies quest after discarding items, required for its completion, has been fixed.

Dream Factory
⦁ The bug that prevented the failure of the Dance Class quest after discarding items, required for its completion, has been fixed.

⦁ The bug that prevented the failure of the Holy Cause quest after discarding items, required for its completion, has been fixed.

Coba Plateau
⦁ The bug that prevented the failure of the Blackjack’s Order and A Pirate's Letter quests after discarding items, required for their completion, has been fixed.

⦁ The bug that disabled the use of the arrow while completing the June Fighting Magic quest has been fixed.
⦁ Automove now works correctly for the June Fighting Magic quest.

Yazes Shard
⦁ The bug that resulted in character’s resurrection at the Arena of Death if they jumped into Astral next to it has been fixed.

⦁ The "Collector's Reward” quest has been removed.
⦁ The bug that prevented the failure of the Deadly Psychology quest after discarding items, required for its completion, has been fixed.

Tka-Rik's Cave
⦁ The amount of Sparks received in the repeatable quests has been increased. Sparks are no longer granted for separately completed trials.
⦁ To return to the center of the room to Klavdia Kalugina, you can now use Pull context action if there are no trials currently in progress.
⦁ Lightning Bolt’s color pattern “Ebonite” has been added.
⦁ The context action of summon does not disappear in the Demonic Hunt quest.

⦁ Strange Mask can no longer be discarded from the bag.

Pearl Ring
⦁ As the reward for completing the Heavenly Fire quest, apart from guild’s Prestige, now you can also receive Strong Potion of Restoration, Healing, Magical Power or Common Potion of Concentration (at option).
⦁ Automove now works correctly for the Dreaming of Monographs quest.

⦁ Characters dismount when using ancient menhirs while completing the Word of Ancestors quest.

⦁ The bug that disabled the use of the stele to enter the red zone has been fixed.

Wild Shore
⦁ The selling price of the following items has been reduced: Sparkling Drizzle, Mysterious Substance, Grain of a Strange Matter and Structured Matter.

Kingdom of Elements
⦁ Firocious does not move around the location anymore.
⦁ The bug that occasionally disabled the use of the context actions at the June Ruins has been fixed.


Demons' City
⦁ The bug that prevented the loot of trophies (including those required for completing quests) after killing Sarn has been fixed.

"Gates" Project
⦁ In the hard mode, bosses in Otherverse now drop Fabled Hearts of Magic instead of Small Fabled Hearts of Magic.


General ⦁ In Skirmishes, characters receive the Battle Rage effect. It increases the stats of their equipment to the stats of epic equipment and Glyphs. Only affects upgradeable items of level 65.
⦁ Certain skirmishes can be entered repeatedly. When re-entering the game after a disconnection, players will receive the request to re-join the abandoned Skirmish. Works for Scarlet Bastion, Arena of Death and Champion Dominion (including raid mode).

Time Void
⦁ Time Void can be visited by characters of level 21 or higher. The rewards include equipment of uncommon and rare quality. The rewards for characters of level 65 remain the same.
⦁ Subtasks turn red in case of failure.
⦁ The bug that disabled the launch of scenarios after the leader left the group has been fixed.

Battle for Cargallas
⦁ The Unexplored area effect is now removed correctly after the Death mark is removed from the character.

⦁ The bug that occasionally allowed scoring a goal even if the ball missed the gates has been fixed.
** Deserted Farm**
⦁ The amount of received Amalgam and Signs of Victory has been increased.

June Catacombs
⦁ The bug that allowed using Assault Shell in the Third Circle has been fixed.

Ranking Arena
⦁ The same opponents can be attacked three times in a row at most. Next time they can be attacked after 10 combats.
⦁ The maximum duration of combats is 10 minutes.
⦁ Combat rating is now calculated correctly at all times.

Mausoleum of Sparks

⦁ All characters die if there are 4 bosses at the Arena at the same time.
⦁ Items that grant temporary titles do not disappear after use.


⦁ The level of monsters on the allod, visited while completing the Astral Venture quest, has been increased to 59.
⦁ The lifetime of summoned Astral monsters has been increased.
⦁ The cannon fire animation now switches off after its deactivation.
⦁ Strong Sheathing now works correctly (upgrades the ship before consumption).

Astral Monster’s Den
⦁ Octulhu now drops correct loot when defeated at the maximum Astral exploration level.

Tusky Lagoon
⦁ Mounted traveling is now allowed on the allod.
⦁ The duration of the Poisoned Spear effect, applied by Ssera-Hay, is increased to 35 seconds. The effect can be removed with magic-dispelling abilities.

Sirens' Rock
⦁ The Demonic Shield effect in battle with Molpa is now triggered when her health drops to 60%.
⦁ The damage of Ardent Howl, cast by Demon of Madness, is increased by 30%.

Abandoned Excavation
⦁ Stach the Fast Pick now appears only after the first obstruction is blown up.

Tlalcoa Ruins
⦁ Horatrix’ Toxic Cloud deals less damage to mercenaries.

⦁ The damage of Total Incineration, cast by Alex Gordev, is increased by 250%.
⦁ Spark of the Sentenced moves faster during the battle with Alex Gordev.


⦁ The interface of the Alchemical crafting mini-game has been redesigned.
⦁ Sorting by name now works correctly in the recipe list.

⦁ Leader's Call now only works on maximum level characters.
⦁ Consumable Dragon Tears from the Gift for the Hero can be also obtained if you have a permanent Dragon Tear.
⦁ Powerful Elixir of Faith cannot be received from the Hero's Treasure.
⦁ Draconic Aspect trinkets now can be removed during cooldown.
⦁ Urgent teleportation now works correctly.
⦁ Distribution of loot is now displayed correctly in the chat.
⦁ Dragon’s ability Smashing Strike now does not knock down targets under the Tamer effect.
⦁ Mentors now receive gold correctly when their Apprentices complete quests.
⦁ The quest on receiving the 5th level of Patronage at level 30 cannot be received from the capital guides anymore.

Known Issues
⦁ Klavdia Kalugina does not give the quest on completing the second stage of the "Grand Experiment" World Mystery.
⦁ Kirah. The Loyalty quest cannot be completed after completing the Dragon's Heart quest.
⦁ Professions. Occasionally, the amount of the inserted components is displayed incorrectly.
⦁ Bard’s Protective Tune sometimes does not work.
⦁ Irdrich. Some characters cannot complete the Primal Manual quest.
⦁ The Creator's Path: the Arena of Death quest sometimes cannot be completed.
⦁ Umoir. The Trial quest cannot be completed.
⦁ The character might disappear in battle.
⦁ Some dialogue cues are unavailable when exchanging Dominion helpers.
⦁ Astral Allods. When gathering a party through the automatic Group Search, the Leave allod button does not appear at Old Loam and Hunter's Pit.
⦁ Sometimes it is impossible to leave the raid after participating in a Skirmish.