The Local Warming
The Local Warming

Once covered with snow the Kingdom of Elements was one the most favorite places among Sarnaut adventurers. Its wealth and an opportunity to clash with the opposite faction attracted many errant heroes. But then the journey to the Kingdom of Elements has become unprofitable due to lower loot amount and its lands have been forgotten.

Much time has passed since the Scorched Guardian had been defeated. The flaming heart of the Volcano's Lord has been frozen forever. And along with it the Kingdom of Elements began to change! Glaciers started to melt rapidly, uncovering the ancient ruins. The greenery began to spread all over the island. And the secrets of Kingdom's true origin will now be revealed.

Let us take a brief look at the local geography:




In the north-east there is an island with thick palm tangle. Here you can find an Aviak settlement and meet air elementals who inhabit the neighboring old June ruins.

Northern Horn


The thaw has not fully set on north-west of the island. But here, in the areas still covered with snowdrifts, mountainfolks and wild lynxes little by little drive out the local ice elementals.

Wet Rock


The greater part of south-west island is occupied by lake full of morays and turtles. Waterfolk and water elementals have settled down around the lake shore.

Hollow Ridge


A pirate ship is moored at south-east island. Its crew, led by the captain seek the treasures of earth elementals here.

Medial plateau


Here a player can find the entrance into the cave inhabited by fire elementals and meet treants that dwell in forests around the dead volcano. Also there are Imperial and League headquarters to the north and the main research camp of an archaeological expedition to the south. The volcano's crater is now sealed and cannot be accessed anymore.

Both factions have sent reconnaissance parties in search for revealed treasures. It is again possible to accept new PvP quests in the factions' headquarters. Characters will earn gold, reputation and prestige for their guilds for completing these quests.

The southern area is a neutral zone. Here characters can accept random quests from the research union. Quests will involve exploration, resource gathering or killing monsters, and will be awarded with special Relics of Kingdom of Elements. This unique resource can also be obtained by hunting monster around.


Relics can be exchanged at the Quartermaster for different goods such as: Symbols of Gold and Glory, food, maze sentinels (including the legendary Bossy Goblin), Particles of Light and crafting components.

Altars elemental are situated on each of the 5 islands. Capturing one of them will increase rewards for quests and loot by 5% for your faction. All 5 altars will provide 25% increment. However this will work only at Kingdom of Elements.


So in the updated version of the Kingdom of Elements every player will find an activity according to their interests: PvP battles, exploration and vast areas for farming. The other important innovation is the united zone-chat that allows exploring lands simultaneously with finding a group.


You will be able to set out for a journey to Kingdom of Elements with the upcoming 5.0.01 update!

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