Love Festival: GP Contest Results!
Love Festival: GP Contest Results!


Dear Sarnaut,

It's time to announce the winners of our Guild Portal exclusive Love Festival event!


Earlier in the month, we asked players to contribute their tales of love via stories or screenshots over on the Guild Portal, with a chance to snag an armful of Premium Crystals, Anniversary Coins - or even a Suit of Passion!

Without further ado, here are the Top-10 voted entries for EN:


1st Place: Gudai - Story.
2nd Place: Numino - Story.
3rd Place: ToddSings - Story.
Suit of Passion Set, 5,000 Premium Crystals, 4 Anniversary Platinum Coins.


4th Place: GoldenPixie - Story.
5th Place: Leiali Teolaan - Story.
6th Place: ZuoExanth -Story.
3,000 Premium Crystals, 3 Anniversary Platinum Coins, 5 Anniversary Gold Coins.


7th Place: Byo - Story.
8th Place: AnDavaal - Screen.
9th Place: Zoriel - Story.
10th Place: Madarász Márk - Screen.
2,000 Premium Crystals, 3 Anniversary Platinum Coins.


A massive congratulations to all winners!

To check out all entries and keep an eye out for future GP-Contests, or chat with the contestants, be sure to visit the Guild Portal!

-The Allods Team