Maintenance is over!
Maintenance is over!

Dear players,

While relocating servers and the site in preparation for the upcoming 9.0 update we have ran into serious technical issues that took a lot of time to solve.

We are very sorry for the extended downtime and are adding 200 Premium Crystals to every account that has an avatar that reached level 20 on New Frontier and Equilibrium and 2 days of subscription time to those on Smugglers Paradise. Crystals and subscription time should be added automatically throughout the next week.

The goal for this maintenance was to improve our internal infrastructure, prepare for the update (the exact date will be announced very soon) and allow us to have more development freedom in the future. We are glad to report that we have reached this goal, though it wasn't easy.

We know we said this a lot this week, but again, we are sorry for any inconvenience that this extended maintenance caused you and appreciate your patience and understanding, we really mean it.

Next week will bring more previews of the update and lots of exciting news! Keep an eye on the site and be sure to send your opinions and feedback our way through the forums.

Allods Team