Mausoleum & Dominion: An Apology
Mausoleum & Dominion: An Apology


Dear Sarnaut,

We'd like to express our apologies for the recent handling of Mausoleum of Sparks and Dominion - and assure you that both modes are getting our full attention.

  • Mausoleum of Sparks:

Since the requested Mausoleum Reset, we've been taking on board player feedback and attempting new methods to preserve the Mausoleum from repeating any past issues.

Initially, we saw an opportunity to reward players early and preserve Mausoleums status while the servers were merged. However, on noticing some rewards had since been sent incorrectly due to a statistics error - and after analysing additional feedback - we implemented potential fixes to remedy this matter, leading to certain delays during the testing phase.

We can only apologize for the inconvenience and would like you reassure you that all statistics are being thoroughly cleaned and their handling improved - and rewards from Mausoleum shall reach the rightful participants during the Maintenance which takes place on the 5th of February.

  • Dominion:

While Mausoleum has been burned into mind, Dominion has only recently come to the forefront since the previous merge. On learning that the first merge lead to a premature reset, we've taken steps to try and prevent such a thing from happening during future merges - but to no avail. We can only apologize for both resets - and now confirm that they are unavoidable during a database merge despite our best efforts.

Should such a scenario happen again, here is what to expect:

Dominion Specific:

  • All stakes and robberies reset.
  • All guilds in the guilds' list reset.
  • "Rank" (alternative guild currency received for participating in combats) is reset to zero.
  • All current (Dominion) achievements are reset as the shards are merged.
  • Alternative guild currency that defines Realgar rewards DOES NOT have to be reset.


  • Guild Stats (such as nobility) won't be effected.

From here on, we'll be creating a dedicated Mausoleum & Dominion Mega-Thread which we intend to use as the primary feedback area for all player matters regarding both modes.

We will be accepting all constructive feedback regarding these modes and will also use it to provide information regarding any future changes, fixes or alterations to either mode.

-The Allods Team