Mausoleum of Sparks: End Of Season!
Mausoleum of Sparks: End Of Season!


Dear Sarnaut,

Mausoleum of Sparks has been closed in order to preserve its status during the upcoming server merge. We understand that the Mausoleum is a high priority favourite of players, thus our goal is to ensure that the transition is as smooth as possible with no impact to your progress and to avoid any risk of bugs.

When Mausoleum of Sparks re-opens, a brand new season will begin within the 6.0.0 update.


With Mausoleum opening within a new update, we hope it proves to be a fresh and exciting experience free of any past issues that brings its own set of rewards - including countless colour patterns, titles, mounts, costumes and cosmetic effects for dedicated combatants.


Once the season begins, you'll be able to review the full catalogue of rewards via the in-game calendar.

We wish the best of luck to all competitors in the new 6.0.0 update season!

-The Allods Team