Mausoleum of Sparks: Season Relaunch!
Mausoleum of Sparks: Season Relaunch!

Dear Sarnaut,

With 6.0 "Broken Chains" in full swing, it's time to shine some light on Mausoleum of Sparks.

We're pleased to announce that the 4th Season of MoS shall be re-launched as of today, allowing players to complete the season in its entirety - and having given the Mausoleum a few extra taps with a Goblin wrench, we're also sure that this season will run smoothly

Following on from the community requested MoS reset - and after the previous season closure - we've been taking on-board player feedback regarding MoS and took the opportunity to oil its gears and improve its system along the way. With 6.0 active and MoS now improved, we feel this is the right environment for players to compete - but rest assured, our efforts with MoS won't end there!

We hope you enjoy the re-launch - and don't forget to visit the Mausoleum of Sparks Mega-Thread to share your thoughts and feedback!

-The Allods Team