Oriental Dreams
Oriental Dreams

In the update 5.1 the number of available Astral islands will be almost doubled!

Firstly, the most interesting locations of past seasons are returning. You will be able to visit Catacombs, Green Maze, Isle of Far-Far-Away, Emerald Isle and Lost Island. All these islands will preserve their style and concept, however, they will be adapted to suit the present realities of the game. We've added a couple of new bosses and redesigned the old key-battles that made the gameplay more dynamic.

Secondly, you will soon be able to explore the brand new Dersaadet Isle. This island has every chance of becoming the most original and fascinating place in the Astral.

Dersaadet is an ancient city-state, a living historical monument. Its magnificent squares and palaces are imbued with spirit of the past. Here is how Xadaganian cities looked in those memorable times when the heroes of "Cursed Lands" were strolling the streets. Hidden deep in the Astral, Dersaadet has managed to live through both the demons invasion and the bloody confrontation between great factions. Local Xadaganians have never seen a mana station and have never met Yasker, but yet they are far from savages. Any of Dersaadet architects is able to outshine the best Sarnaut masters. And the legends about local women's grace and beauty make even the famous elven dancers envious.



But the shadow of misfortune has come down to this peaceful corner. According to the legend, an oracle prophesied that the beloved daughter of the last sultan would be killed by a venomous snake on her 18th birthday. In an attempt to save her, sultan erects an inaccessible tower. He believed the tower would become a safer place, but the day had come and mysterious green fog that taken the shape of a snake coiled around the tower. Soon rumors spread around the castle that something had happened to the princess and that the had sultan disappeared. Panic and anarchy drove the land. Loyal Janissary began to pillage the city they once sworn to protect.



They say the insidious Vizir, the master of hexes and transformations, is the one to blame for all that has happened. They even say the Vizir is no one else but a genie who has taken the form of a mortal. In any case, wanderers will have to face this potent and masterful person if they want to throw the light on dismal mystery of the island.



The future of these lands so far is concealed from even the most gifted oracles. Who knows, maybe you and your friends will find a way into the princess' tower? Do you dare to reveal the fog of mystery and rescue the miserable!


Working on island's appearance, our artists creates a variety of scenery. Along with houses, marketplaces and fountains you can find a number of famous pieces of eastern architecture on the streets of Dersaadet.

For example the Maiden's Tower, which conceals a sad legend about the perished princess
One of the fights takes place on the beautiful bridge that is a copy of the one that spans Bosporus in the real world. In front of that bridge you will see a famous Obelisk of Theodosius.
The final battle will take place against the background of a magnificent palace that also has the prototype - the Sultan Ahmed Mosque.


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