Patch 6.0.03: Invisible Bonds
Patch 6.0.03: Invisible Bonds

Dear Sarnaut,

We're happy to announce that new improvements are on the horizon! With the upcoming 6.0.3 update "Invisible Bonds", finding raid members for adventuring through the current season will become a much simpler task thanks to the "Gates" Project becoming available to smaller raids (up to 12 members). This will only affect adventures of the current and the future seasons.

The reduced amount of raid members required to kill a boss is a result of simplified mechanics and the reduction of monsters' health and damage. Despite this change, the amount of looted valuables will remain the same - ensuring that success is no less rewarding.

To be the first ones in the world to defeat a boss in a new adventure has always been one of the chief purposes of most guilds, so to celebrate the glory of such an achievement, the first kills of the 6 new bosses in the "Gates" Project will be rewarded in a brand new way!

Bragging rights are on the line while the battle for Hall of Fame status continues!

Update 6.0.03 will arrive on November 26th, so we wish all guilds and groups the best of luck in advance for their upcoming adventures!

-The Allods Team