Pimp My Build: Contest Results!
Pimp My Build: Contest Results!


Dear Sarnaut,

We'd like to give a huge thank you to the community for taking part in the Pimp My Build: 6.0 Contest!

With so many tweaks and changes brought forth in 6.0: Broken Chains, we asked the community to share their class-wisdom - and it was great to see how the players embraced the latest changes and incorporated them into their class-builds and playstyle. Thanks to you, new players may find food for thought regarding their own character building - and we can turn our attention to rewarding the contest winners!

  • All participants who posted entries within the contest rules will receive this cuddly vanity pet, whilst winning entries will get their hands on these great extras:
Position Reward
First Winner's Wings
5,000 Premium Crystals
200-Day Free access to the subscription server
Second 4,000 Premium Crystals
160-Day Free access to the subscription server
Third 3,500 Premium Crystals
140-Day Free access to the subscription server

Without further ado, here are your 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners per class:

Class First Second Third
Bard Tendo Oliveoil Hikata
Healer Tauau Liavelle Paoolina
Mage Luna Frontsaite Turnine
Paladin Efinka Killerxyz Tippyy
Psionicist Erwyn Shemei Xappy
Scout VashBOG Krafty Bonor
Summoner Rinoa Autopsyst Arianwen
Warden Upstage Bluescarlet Mielai
Warrior Psoglav Push Cirkulara
Engineer Prison TheRampage Jote

Thank you once again to everyone in the community who chose to share their knowledge and inspire those who seek it - and a big congratulations to all winners!

-The Allods Team