Please Welcome the Brazilian Community!
Please Welcome the Brazilian Community!


Dear Sarnaut,

We'd like to give a pre-emptive and warm-hearted welcome to the Brazilian Community from LevelUpGames, who will be joining us on the front-lines of New Frontier and Smugglers Paradise' after the present maintenance is complete.

Once done, both servers will get the benefit of more players - whether as loyal allies, or fearsome enemies - and we hope you take the time to offer a friendly greeting!

Their database is currently being merged with ours - and we'll be keeping you posted on any important developments during this process via updates to the maintenance news.

We hope you'll treat the new players well, and we'll ensure the merge-process goes as smooth as possible. In the meantime, don't forget to join us in the dedicated greeting thread!

Reminder: If you are joining us via the merge, don't forget to transfer your account!

-The Allods Team