Power for rent!
Power for rent!

Sensational sale!

Unstable copies of three models of military equipment have appeared in the Rarities Shop. They couldn't do without a temporary sample of the latest assault armor!

The promotion ends on July 18th!

The characteristics of such copies are in no way inferior to the originals. By purchasing an unstable copy, you get a famous combat mechanism for 7 days, which does not require mana batteries and is already improved to the maximum level 11!

And if you already have a stable version of such a luxurious technique, you can purchase a special color within the campaign, which will remain with you forever.

Unstable Manabike's Trinket 150 ukri.png
Manabike's Color Pattern: Currents of Infinity 300 ukri.png
Unstable Wraith's Design 230 ukri.png
Wraith's Color Pattern: Hornet 400 ukri.png
Unstable Colossus Mystic Shell 500 ukri.png
Wraith's Color Pattern: Hornet (not temporary) 900 ukri.png

The offer is limited - do not miss your chance. Good luck!