Prepatch: rare pets
Prepatch: rare pets

After the 10.0 update prepatch is released every player will receive an invitation letter to a small rare pets fair. Upon arrival, you'll meet the rare pets catcher and receive your very first trapping kit that will let you catch these peculiar creatures!

The kit contains two items:

Life sensor Allows you to scan a 200 yards area around your character. If there's a rare pet in it, it will be marked. But be careful! Other hunters will see the mark as well!
Suppressor Allows you to catch a rare pet. There are different success chances for it to work on different pets. The more unique the pet is, the more difficult it will be to catch it.

The pets live in areas that suits them most. For example, you should look for a giant lizard near bodies of water and banks, and a wolf can be found in thickets and forests. For each pet you catch you'll get an achievement, and players who manage to catch all of them will receive a special reward!

A pet can spawn in one of 5 random spots inside its habitat area, and only the most experienced hunters will learn the locations of these spots. The pets don't stand still waiting to be caught, so don't expect to find them just where you just lost or caught them.

The first player who finds and catches all the pets, and proves it with a screenshot of the full collection on the forum, will receive a special reward: a unique title, the name of which that player will be able to choose themself. If the title they come up with complies with the General In Game Rules, their character will receive it via in-game mail service!

A caught pet can be traded or given as a gift to your best friend. Hunting has never been so profitable!