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PvP and PvE equipment
PvP and PvE equipment

We present to your attention a new article, in which we will focus on PvP and PvE equipment, and ways of getting it!

Let's now talk about new mechanics that allow you to focus on those aspects of the game that you like without loosing overall progress.

In the 10.0 Destination Horizon update all equipment will be divided in two types: PvP and PvE.

Equipment items don't take inventory slots, and don't require constant changing. Once you equip an item, it will be put into corresponding tab, and the tabs will switch automatically depending on which type of activity you participate in.

To collect both equipment sets you need to participate in both PvP and PvE events.

To make the game process more convenient, we've developed a system that rewards players for daily participation in both PvP and PvE events. For example, you will receive more valuable items by doing one event of each type than by doing three events of one type. This reward is not connected to collecting equipment, so nothing stops you from getting all items by only playing PvP or PvE.

We endorse players participating in different events, as it will let them receive more valuable items in the game world, and we believe that you will enjoy completing those small quests!

Let's talk about equipment stats!

Separating equipment into different categories will result in completely different experience from either mode. PvP is fast and risky, and the mechanics of PvP equipment reflect that.

PvE items work differently. For example, a belt will contain more slots for healing and purifying potions, which comes in handy in a long dungeon.

Overall, we hope that gameplay will become more diverse, giving players more choices on their path to perfection.

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