Rankings & Ratings on Allods Website
Rankings & Ratings on Allods Website

Dear Sarnaut,

Ever wanted to collect in-game rankings and ratings without having to poke around with a Sarnautian stick for second-hand information? Now you can!

As of today, the official Allods Online website has incorporated its very own Rankings & Ratings system – a simple multi-server database that will serve as a great starting point for those who are looking for in-depth information, competitive ratings, or simply want to enjoy a casual snoop around their chosen server from an external/statistical point of view without having to ask around.


With a multitude of in-game categories across all existing servers to choose from, as well as a handy class-filter for those who are only interested in their class of choice, you can now see which players, guilds and classes are leading the charge across various aspects of Allods right here on the website.

The categories and statistics covered by this new system are currently:

  • Gearscore
  • Guild Ratings
  • Labyrinth Rankings
  • 3v3 Arena Rankings
  • 6v6 Arena Rankings
  • Goblinball Rankings
  • Heroic Adventure Scores

The above information involves all servers: Equilibrium (F2P), New Frontier (F2P) and Smuggler’s Paradise (P2P).

The Rankings & Ratings page is now currently live – so check ‘em out!

We hope you enjoy this new website feature and wish you well during your latest adventure across Sarnaut. Good luck, hero!

-The Allods Online Team