Rating seasons end and Astral Amber Layer discovery!
Rating seasons end and Astral Amber Layer discovery!


After the completion of maintenance work, which will be held this Wednesday (July 31), new seasons of rating fights and the Arena of Heroes will begin and all players will get access to the Amber (4) astral layer.


Astral keys ​​will disappear from Valuables, and all characters will receive 42 new keys. At the same time, the extraction of loot from the Purple layer will cease to require keys.

Craftsmen (with the exception of alchemists) will be able to create items of legendary quality, for which they will need appropriate blueprints that can be purchased from mentors of professions. In addition, the opportunity to create items of rare quality equipment will be available at the Anvil of Artifacts.

Rating Fights

The 3x3 and 6x6 fights season will end, and awards will be sent out to the participants according to the current rating tables.

Arena of Heroes

Valor Test is also coming to an end. According to its results, players will receive Brave Champion and Brave Conqueror titles, as well as Hero's Insignias, which allow to purchase special suits, colors and color schemes from in faction capitals.

Trial of Blood

In connection with the discovery of the Amber layer of Astral, the Trial of Blood will be temporarily unavailable from July 31st till August 5th.

Heroic Adventures

After the update heroic adventures of the amber layer will become available for everyone to visit. Rewards will be sent out in accordance with the results of the season's end.

Have a nice game!