Renewed Power of Nature
Renewed Power of Nature


Allods Team is constantly working on the game balance, trying to make all classes interesting and suitable for any in-game activity. The upcoming update v.5.0.01 will fix the most urgent issues with the Warden class.

Based on the feedback from our community we understood that the main problem about the Wardens is that they do not play any fundamental role within the group. Wardens have a potential in dealing damage, healing allies and controlling enemies but can excel in neither of these. That is why a group prefers to replace the Wardens with another class who has a narrow specialization. So we decided to redesign the Warden class, providing them with clearer roles: either as healers or damage dealers.

The other unpleasant moment was about low survivability and smaller DPS amount in comparison with other classes. To cope with this we have made changes in the Talent Grids by transferring certain Rubies and increasing spells effectiveness. However, most of the familiar combos will work the same way.


Now, when fighting in melee combat, the Warden will build up "Exposed Weakness" effect that will passively increase the Warden's melee damage per each stack. Stacks can be instantly consumed, to cast enhanced versions of "Bark Shield", "Bee Swarm" and "Refreshing Potion".

When attacking a target at range, the Warden will build up "Static Charge" effect that will increase the Warden's range damage and outgoing healing per each stack. Stacks can be instantly consumed to cast enhanced version of "Chain Lightning", "Hawk's Strike", "Renew" and "Aqua Vitae".

Here is the list of the Warden's abilities that will be changed:

Great Hunt Great Hunt will no longer affect pet's commands, but will significantly increase the damage of its basic attacks.
Lethargy Potion.png The effect from Lethargy Potion now won't be dispelled, if a target takes damage. Instead of this, the duration of effect will be decreased.
Lethargy Potion ability itself will be transferred to rubies.
Lightening Strike The cooldown of Lightning Strike will be decreased.
Bark Shield Bark Shield will be transferred from rubies to abilities.
Hawks Strike Hawk's Strike will now apply Werewolf Curse effect that will remove a part of health or energy when a certain number of stacks is accumulated on a target.
Vortex Vortex will no longer apply Static Charge effect and will have a cooldown. However, its damage will be significantly increased.
Chain Lightening Chain Lightning will now consume mana instead of Tears of Dragon. Cooldown and damage will be decreased.


We will add some new abilities in Warden's arsenal, as well:

Unity Unity. The Warden and its pet run into each other, increasing Warden's damage. When effect expires, Warden's pet will return into combat with full HP.
Herbal Tea Herbal Tea. Provides great healing to a single target. Requires a potion that can be brewed using certain herbs from Kingdom of Nature. The prolonged cooldown of this ability can be reduced by studying Rubies.
Call to Nature Call to nature. Creates 8 stacks of Natural Power effect.
Natural Healing Natural Energy Natural Healing. Gradually restores health for 6 seconds. Consumes one stack of Natural Energy. The repeated use on the same target renews the effect while instantly restores a small portion of HP. This ability has an enhanced version.
Cleaning Charge Cleansing Charge. Removes one negative effect from an ally. Consumes one charge of Natural Power.
Ressurection Resurrection. Resurrects an ally with 60% of maximum health and 60% of maximum mana or energy.

We believe that all stated changes will help the Wardens to compete with other classes in survivability and DPS, making them more useful in a group.

Join us on our Official Forums and tell us: What aspect of the Wardens change are you most looking forward to?