The servers are online!
The servers are online!

And finally the long anticipated hotfix is installed! It brings some changes to the ‘Heard of the World’.

A true captain doesn't need any astral maps, so they're completely removed from the game. Besides, we are bringing back into the game the opportunity to jumps directly to allods, using Teleport Charges.

The allods themselves got a lot simpler and clearer. We recalculated damage and abilities of many monsters, according to your feedback. It's now a way easier and more profitable to hunt at the Wild Shore: there are now less free-roaming monsters, and more free space for combat! More gold and loot now!

Players, who prefer to stay at the Wild Shore instead of going out to the allods, will be able to receive treasures over the limit of 6500 in exchange for keys. You just have to talk to the Mercenary Captain in the Astral Academy.

So time to Engineer your Victory!