Servers merge, more details
Servers merge, more details

Friends! As you already know the servers Equilibrium and New Frontier will soon be merged. Given such occasion, we want to share more information with you:

  • Astral Academy Auction is temporarily disabled. The current owners of spaces in the Astral Academies will receive compensation. The spaces themselves will be freed. The closest Astral Academy Auction will be held after the server merge, from October 30th until November 1st, 19:00.
  • There will be no betting phase on the merged server, as a result of which battles between guild troops will not take place on Wednesday. The participants of Sunday's battles will receive compensation (realgar, the amount of which depends on the cape and its type). Data gathering for the compensation distribution will be carried out on Monday, so we strongly advise the management team of the guilds to distribute the capes prior to server merge.

Have a good game!