Smuggler's Paradise: 7 Days Free Access!
Smuggler's Paradise: 7 Days Free Access!

Dear Sarnaut,

We're pleased to announce that from this point onward, all newly created accounts will gain a whole week of free subscription, giving new players the luxury of exploring the subscription server (Smuggler's Paradise) right off the bat. In addition, all existing accounts will also be given 7 days of free subscription (from September 8th to September 15th) to ensure nobody is left out of this great deal.

This is not a timed promotion – it is a permanent feature! Which means that accounts created weeks or month from now will be able to benefit from it.

So, how does it work?

New Players
- Create an account, log in into the game.
- 7 day subscription activates automatically.

Existing Players
- No need to login. Promo will be activated the moment it goes live.
- 7 day subscription activates automatically.

NOTE: Trial subscription will begin to expire even if you do not login to the P2P server.

Wondering whether P2P is the place for you? Now's the perfect time to see for yourself!

On Smuggler's Paradise, quality of life is improved via quests, dungeons, raiding, and other in-game only activities. Experience is gained 30% faster and the boutique is completely disabled, leading to a 100% balanced experience where everyone is on an even playing field – check it out!

We wish you good fortune in your adventure and look forward to seeing you in-game!

-The Allods Team