Sulisi's Swimsuit Range - Available Tomorrow
Sulisi's Swimsuit Range - Available Tomorrow


Dear players!

A huge Astral Ship has arrived at the Tropical Atoll harbour, carrying some very unique cargo. Valiant heroes have rescued the latest in swimwear fashion from despicable Astral Pirates, who stole the merchandise from the initial shipment! Now, it's a race against time to get the latest style, designed by our very own community member 'Sulisi', back into the market!


As you can see, one young hero couldn't wait for them to hit the shops, and you won't have to wait, either! Once the servers are back online (after tomorrow's maintenance), you will be able to get the exciting new swimsuits from:

  • The Allods Boutique, if you're on the New Frontier server.
  • The Local Holiday Committee Officials, if you're on the Smugglers Paradise server.


To prevent the Pirates from spoiling Sulisi's great day - Access to the Tropical Atoll has been extended until 00:00 on October the 1st (CET), so don a swimsuit and show the world just how talented and creative the Allods community is, for as long as the Swimsuits are available, and enjoy your extra time on the Atoll!

We'll be getting in touch with the winners of the contest in order to send the swimsuits to their mailboxes.

Join the discussion on our Official Forums and tell us what you think of the design!

Be sure to post your own swimsuit screenshots!

-The Allods Team