The Tournament of Blood is about to begin!
The Tournament of Blood is about to begin!

Dear friends! A tournament server will be open on Wednesday November 7 where everyone willing to participate will be able to get their characters ready for the beginning of Tournament of Blood elimination combats.

The prize fund has exceeded 1097200 crystals this year, and it keeps growing! The tournament server will be open for everyone; any player can make a character and take part in training fights, but only ticket owners will gain access to official combats.

Conditions, rules & schedule

On the dedicated tournament server, you will be able to create a character of the maximum level, as well as receive a set of equipment and valuables. This way we assure that all players are in completely equal conditions.

The strongest team will be determined by several weeks of intense combats, rules of which are based on the rules of standard ranked combat arenas.

  • 07.11 — server's opening and beginning of training fights (don't affect your rating).
  • 8.11, 13.11, 15.11 — elimination stage (16 winner teams).
  • 24.11, 01.12 — semifinal and final stages set in a double elimination format (with a second chance given to loser teams).

During elimination stage, combats are scheduled on the specified dates 8pm to 11pm CET and begin every 10 minutes. Final stage schedule will be published later.

More about the tournament and prizes

Tournament's coverage

We invite streamers to join this event! If you have experience and wish to cover the tournament, PM our community manager Lisad. Link the channel you are going to stream on, and tell your server and character's name. After the opening of Tournament of Blood server, additionally state the name of your character there.

Extended list of rules and Tournament's schedule

Invite your friends, and play together!