Tournament of blood: the final is coming!
Tournament of blood: the final is coming!

Dear friends!

Tomorrow, at 20:00 CET, begins the final stage of the Tournament of Blood. You can find the tournament grid and schedule in this article.

The final will start with fights between following groups:

Final pairs

LilPeep, PandaHero, Kardashian 20:00 MagicWomen, Fleksya, MagicBoy
Scorching, BladeStorm, Phantom 20:00 OmegaLuL, Hulio, UnnamedSRTV
RedRocket, Escanor, Shinna 20:00 SuperHegel, Sevastorium, Arthas
LordVoldemort, Bellatrix, Hello 20:00 Bard, Psyonicist, Vvarden

And then the combats will continue until the final winner gets revealed. Keep track of the tournament grid — all information regarding combats will update real-time.

Please note that only the time for first combats is accurate. The schedule for all subsequent fights is approximate, and depends on results of the first ones. Regardless of the announced schedule, all Blood Tournament participants are advised to log in by 20:00 CET.

Tournament grid

More about the tournament and prizes

Extended list of rules and Tournament's schedule

We wish all the viewers to enjoy watching, and for the participants — to have exciting fights!