The Training Camp
The Training Camp


As you know, today in Allods Online we have only a few battlegrounds. It happened so, because unfortunately we failed to pay a close enough attention to them. But now the time has come and we are ready to present to you a new PvP activity that will be added in the upcoming update 5.0.01. It is called the Training Camp and is based on the "Capture the Flag" mechanics. As such, the mechanics is widely used in different MMORPGs, but we didn't want to just copy it. We wanted to improve it and make it unique. So our goal was to diversify the gameplay as much as possible. For this purpose, we referred to good old FPS such as Quake and Unreal Tournament. We borrowed some aspects and successfully mixed them with our own ideas.

Capture The Golem

New battleground will alternate with Deserted Farm and Witch's Hollow. You can enter the queue for the battle from the Skirmishes interface. As soon as 24 characters are ready for battle, the Training Camp will start.

The map represents 2 levels of corridors symmetrical with respect to the center. The arena itself is made in the manner of Arisen's catacomb. Characters are divided into 2 teams of 12 characters that traditionally are represented in blue and red color. Each team spawns at their own base where a Golem is situated.

Capture The Golem Map

The goal is to capture an enemy Golem and escort it to team's own base. The capturing team scores. The battle lasts for 25 minutes or until 3 scores.

A team will score only if their Golem is at its base. Otherwise it is required to return their own Golem first.

We designed the conception of using machines instead of ordinary flags in order to protect the Golem escorter (flag carrier). Golems possess abilities to boost movement speed and to avoid direct combat, so that the Golem escorter could concentrate on reaching their base in the shortest time, while other team members take care about Golem's safety. A skillful player can use bonuses and Golem's abilities to confuse enemy.

Capture The Golem

To control the Golem, you should mount it. You cannot use your own abilities while controlling a Golem (but passives abilities will still work). A Golem possesses the following abilities:

  • "Breakdown". Deals average damage and applies effect that decreases target's armor and resistance by 5% per each level of effect (can stack for 5 times).
  • "Jump". Makes a jump to a set location. This ability can be used under control effects and dispels them. Has a 30 second cooldown.
  • "Shackled". Knocks down target in melee combat. Has a 15 second cooldown.
  • "Energy Shield". Removes all control effects, grants invulnerability for 5 seconds and heals 15% of maximum HP. Has a 60 second cooldown.

When character dies or dismounts, a Golem remains at the place. Its owner team can teleport it back to the base, while a character of the opposite team can mount a Golem again and continue to transport it.

Capture The Golem

Map is colored in red and blue for more convenient orientation. It is decorated by lots of banners of team's colors. Dead characters will be resurrected at a safe platform near a Golem.

There are three roads that diverge from each base:

  • Central path is the shortest and leads to the central platform on the ground floor.
  • Left path goes beneath the central path and leads to the central platform on the first floor.
  • Right path leads to the room with jumping pads that can be used to access the central platform on the first floor.

It is possible to attack enemies on the ground floor from the balconies on the first floor.

The Training Camp is more dynamic than other battlegrounds due to a greater number of boosters spread around the map:

  1. Regeneration rune. Instantly heals 5% of HP. 3 to 6 Runes are spawned at a time. Respawn after 30 seconds.
  2. Double damage rune. Doubles outgoing damage for 30 seconds. Respawn after 120 seconds.
  3. Haste rune. Increases movement speed by 50% for 10 seconds. Respawn after 120 seconds.
  4. Jump pads. These special devices will allow you to access the upper central platform.

Acid Barrels. Can be used to create acid pools that dismount characters and slow down movement speed.

Acid Barrels

Characters will receive Signs of Victory as the reward for participating in activity. Their amount will depend on the difference in score between the winners and losers. If there's a draw, then both teams will receive equal rewards.

Capture The Golem

You will be able to test your strength at The Training Camp with the upcoming 5.0.01 update, Colors Of War!