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Upcoming Allods Online updates
Upcoming Allods Online updates


With great regret, we must tell you that there are deep-seated problems in «Destination Horizon» that prevent us from installing this update on the game servers in the near future. The development of its new activities and mechanics will be frozen until it is possible to find a solution to the client-server synchronization problem, which threatens the original idea and concept of the «Horizon» combat system.

However, that does not mean that we will stop all development in general. On the opposite:

  • Instead of Horizon, we will roll out content for AO quicker
  • At the end of May and the beginning of June there will be a patch that will fix many class bugs in the game
  • We will accelerate work on 10.1 patch "Chaos Games"

Upcoming Allods Online update review:

In this article, we'll talk about the new changes that will be made into the game with an upcoming update!

Guild progress

Guilds' maximum Nobility level will be increased from 75 to 85, which means you will be able to get 10 more guild rubies!

To help guild officers to determine and analyze the contribution to guild development made by its members, we've added display of the Nobility points gained by each player during the current month that will replace the display of prestige points after the guild reaches level 100.

New guild rubies will be added to the game that increase Dust of Creation gain by up to 25% (5% per each rank).

Special heraldry will become available to all guilds, that will open access to new equipment items (spaulders at the moment).

After reaching a certain rank, all guild members will be able to buy the items from the Guild Master NPC. Leaving the guild will result in the loss of the heraldry.

There are 8 ranks of heraldry, each one of them changes the visual appearance of the items. To increase heraldry's rank, the guild should reach a certain level and obtain a certain amount of gold and Symbols of accomplishments which are awarded for participation in Dominion fights and completing daily quests from the Guild Master NPC.

Heraldry's function is not purely cosmetic, as it increases the bonuses given by guild Tactics to members during Dominion fights.

Guild's leader and the officers can spend some amount of Symbols of accomplishments to activate a random tactic that will be active until 04:00 of next Thursday. The choice can be changed at any time except for the time of Dominion fights.

Offensive Tactics

Point Strike Tactics Proficiency
Critical chance
Tactics of mass destructions Critical damage
Second wave Tactics Double attack
Tactics of the four elements Physical / Elemental / Holy / Natural damage
Tactics of suppression Swiftness

Defensive Tactics

Tactics of survival Vitality
Tactics of retention Caution
Complex defense Tactics Physical / Elemental / Holy / Natural protection
Aggressive defense Tactics Concentration

Mysteries of the Holy Land

A new in-game event will lead the players to make a bet with Nikhaz himself, to try to save the sparks of three ancient June heroes or to lose their own.

The heroes will find themselves on the Holy Land — an allod connected to many great events: the dawn and the dusk of June and Zem people, the history of Tensess and the gift of resurrection.

Deserted plains of Coba Plateau will become a new challenge for those who dare to oppose Nikhaz. Your goal is to find Ath-Zako's spark, but will the God of Darkness play fair? Cold lands of Eljune confine the spark of Lu-A-Jalla, Ath-Zako's lover, and the deep jungles and ancient ruins of Asee Teph obstruct the path to the spark of the ancient June hero's teacher, Tka-Rik.

You will face many challenges and riddles: logical (to test your savvy), arcade (for agility and speed), and cooperative riddles that require coordination of multiple players' actions to achieve success faster.

The journey will reveal hidden stories of this place: the lives of the people who lived here, and turning points in the history of Sarnaut.