Update 7.0 - New Order: Class Changes - Part I
Update 7.0 - New Order: Class Changes - Part I


Dear Sarnaut,

New Order, our upcoming 7.0 update, will bring a complete rework of every class in Allods!

WARNING! The description provided below may not include the whole list of changes in the upcoming update. Please keep in mind that many icons now refer to different abilities. In the future, they will be redesigned.


Class Changes - Part I

Previously, each class used to have one role (healer, “tank”, etc) and was practically in-adaptable outside of that role. Also, there were powerful buffs (like Marches and Encouragement) that were essential for victory in some encounters. Now there will be different options for both iPvP and PvE - whether to take a support to increase damage and survivability, take a debuffer to reduce enemies’ efficiency, take a healer to vitalize the group or take another damage dealer for burst damage.

Arcadiy Buyak, Creative Director:
"Previously, the main healers’ purpose was to restore their allies’ health in the most efficient way. In the update 7.0, reducing incoming damage will become an equally important goal. Healing abilities will become less powerful, though healers will have more situational spells. Casting them at a specific moment will significantly increase their efficiency. Also, healers will have to watch the surroundings and the party’s disposition since most of their healing abilities affect an area and not a specific target.

Thus, the key changes in healer’s strategies is that, apart from their main objective to heal, they will need to improve the survivability of their allies and partly take their incoming damage".

In addition, everyone will have an opportunity to create a PvE build specifically for single-target attacks, rendering damage per second to be practically the same for all classes".


With the upcoming update, we will introduce Aspects - specials abilities that can be triggered by the player for the best performance in a certain role.

Each class will have 2 or 3 Aspects that will allow everyone to choose the role to suit their liking.

There no longer be classes with only one Aspect or universal classes with 4 or 5 Aspects.

Class01 Aspect of Assault:
The character aims to mercilessly destroy everyone in their way.
Damage increases by 10/20/30%.

Class02 Aspect of Defense:
The character aims to protect their allies and distract enemies'.
Health and generated threat increases by 15/30/50% and by 25/50/100%, correspondingly.

Class03 Aspect of Healing:
The character aims to heal their wounded allies.
The efficiency of healing abilities increases by 16/33/50%.

Class04 Aspect of Suppression:
The character aims to knock all enemies out of action.
Control abilities and spells can be cast instantly.
The duration of all control effects increases by 50/100/200%.

Class05 Aspect of Support:
The character aims to support their allies and weaken enemies in critical moments of battle.
The duration of support effects increases by 50/100/200%, and their efficiency increases by 15/30/45%.

Certain abilities will be divided into groups. Depending on the active Aspect, they will change their properties or become unavailable. Only one Aspect can be active at a time.


The summary of the largest class redesigning in the history of Allods Online can hardly be described in one article, so we are going to reveal the information across several publications. Starting off, we'll be going into detail about "Healers".

Positive and Negative Effects

We should specifically mention new positive and negative effects that are applied after the use of certain abilities.

Positive Effects:
Positive attacking effects do not stack, and neither do positive defensive effects. There cannot be more than one offensive and one defensive effect on a character at a time. Newly applied effects replace the old ones.

► Valiance increases the highest main offensive stat (Proficiency, Determination, Brutality).
► Treachery increases the highest secondary stat (Critical Damage, bonus to Elemental damage, etc).
► Temporal Acceleration increases movement speed and reduces abilities’ cast time and cooldown duration by 35%.
► Might increases damage dealt by 20%.
► Courage increases Willpower by 35.
► Bloodthirst increases Bloodlust by 35.
► Defense reduces incoming damage by 35%.

Negative Effects:
Negative effects, applied by different characters, do not stack, though effects of different types can be active at the same time. For instance, a character under a movement impairing effect can be also silenced.

► Vulnerability increases incoming damage by 20%.
► Weakness reduces damage dealt by 35%
► Sluggishness reduces movement speed by 50%.
► Stun increases cast time and cooldown duration of all target's abilities by 100%.
► Oppression reduces Willpower by 35.
► Wounds reduce incoming healing by 40%.

Healers (Class)


Goals: Inflicting damage, healing, support.
Class Resources: Fanaticism and Faith.

Those who believe in the Light will always find strength in their conviction, which may verge toward Fanaticism. Healers no longer need mana - Faith and Holy magic are their sufficient resources. In combat, Healers count on their speed and lightning-fast attacks. In an instant, they can find themselves in the thick of battle, then abruptly distance from the enemy. If they choose healing as their main goal, Healers watch their allies closely and strengthen their faith. In a crucial moment of battle, they can both protect them from enemy attacks and heal severe wounds.


By using their basic abilities, Healers accumulate Faith. Every 3 points of Faith grant them 1 level of Fanaticism, which is used to cast powerful spells. Fanaticism is also accumulated over time in combat.

The basic level of Fanaticism is 2, though certain passive talents can increase it to 5.

Healer’s damage and healing per second cycles depend on the accumulation of Faith (and thus, Fanaticism) with certain abilities and the drain of Fanaticism with powerful spells.

In Aspect of Assault, Healers need to constantly keep Cleansing Flame on at least one target. Several additional abilities will allow them to cast spells without consuming Fanaticism, or to increase its regeneration rate.

What distinguishes Healers from other classes that use Aspect of Healing, is that they have abilities that can both reduce and absorb their ally’s incoming damage, as well as high mobility when it comes to moving around the battlefield, such as teleporting to wounded allies.

Healer’s special abilities (the ones that consume Tears of the Dragon) are Luminary and Talisman.

Luminary grants a Holy Spark to a friendly target. Every 2 seconds, the target and all nearby allies are healed, and the enemies receive Holy damage.

Talisman surrounds a friendly target with a barrier, which absorbs incoming damage. The capacity of the shield depends on the amount of target’s lost health (without effects and talents that increase the maximum health) and equals 30/40/50% of it.



Goals: Inflicting damage, healing, support.
Class Resources: Drops of Blood

The science of dark arts progresses. Now summoners only need blood - their own or that of others. It allows them to cast powerful spells and put triple curses on their enemies. They also have strong healing and protective spells for their allies. Summoner should always remember that saving someone else’s life can be the last thing they do before they lose their own.


Summoner has a blood bank which can contain up to 10 drops of blood. Some passive talents can increase its capacity to 15.

Summoner’s damage per second cycle is based on the drain and the replenishment of their blood bank. This class is especially strong in mass combat. The more enemies they are fighting, the more blood they can acquire.

In order to heal, Summoners inflict damage to themselves or to their allies. They need to be careful not to kill their ally, though certain talents will grant the healed target several bonuses. Summoner’s abilities can either deal deadly damage to the target, or save it from Purgatory.

Summoner’s special abilities (the ones that consume Tears of the Dragon) are Dark Vigor and Shadowy Reach.

Dark Vigor is applied both to the caster and to their minion. While this effect is active:

Summoner generates 1 drop of blood every second, and their damage dealt increases by 10/15/20%.

Hellion’s attacks inflict additional Shadow damage.

Each Cadaver's attack applies Volatile Infection effect to the target.

Each Lurker's attack applies the Helplessness effect to the target. Helplessness makes the target unable to use any abilities.

Shadowy Reach summons a dark spawn which pursues the enemies and inflicts massive damage, thus strengthening the caster.



Goals: inflicting damage, healing, support.
Class Resources: Mana.

Wardens still hold on to mana, though they've learned how to use it more wisely. The magic of Nature has taught them to keep away from melee combat and rely less on their pets. Wardens unleash the fury of nature on their enemies and call upon its inexhaustible healing powers when they need to help an ally.

Good news for all Wardens: with Update 7.0, it will no longer necessary to visit the Kingdom of Nature.


Warden’s damage cycles are very precise - as they inflict damage and accumulate special effects, this consumes mana, which is restored with the help of their pet.

Healing cycles consist of numerous abilities that heal the main target over time, and also several abilities that simultaneously heal the whole party.

Warden’s special abilities (the ones that consume Tears of the Dragon) are Balance and Master of the Woods.

Balance is a call to the divine powers of harmony. All Warden’s party members within a 15 yard radius are healed and all enemies receive damage.

Master of the Woods allows Warden to summon a mighty treant. Treant's abilities depend on the active Aspect.

In Aspect of Assault, it attacks the enemies with Bee Swarm and Thunder & Lightning.

In Aspect of Healing, it heals allies with Rejuvenation and Sprout of Life.

In Aspect of Support, it casts Blessing of the Forest, which applies the Valiance effect to all nearby party members and the Weakness effect to all enemies.

You'll get to enjoy these changes (and so much more) at the release of 7.0: "New Order"!


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