Update 7.0 - New Order: Gearing Up
Update 7.0 - New Order: Gearing Up


Dear Sarnaut,

As part of Update 7.0: "New Order", not only are classes and stats undergoing significant changes – the process of acquiring equipment is as well! Let's take a look at how you'll be obtaining gear during the upcoming seasons.


Astral Keys

Once you complete the corresponding quest, you will start receiving Astral Keys on a daily basis (and will be able to store up to a 2-week supply). There will be no more Surreal Keys. Most importantly, the mechanics of key consumption will change:

• Keys will be used to open Boxes with Loot and not to visit allods.
• You'll receive 14 Keys daily and can store up to 196 of them at a time.
• Keys can be used on allods and activities where you can loot Boxes (except raid adventures).
• In all activities of the current stage (eg. after the update, activities of equipment level 71), Boxes with Loot that consume Astral Keys will be obtainable regardless of the layer.
• To make up for missed progress, you will be able to receive rewards in activities from previous stages (when equipment level 73 is unlocked) without spending Astral Keys.


So, which activities provide loot by opening Boxes with Astral Keys?

• Astral allods of two difficulty levels in each layer.
• Distortions - solo adventures; One difficulty level for each layer.
• Astral Hunt - instead of Glyph components, you can purchase Boxes with Loot.
• Skirmishes - now Battleground Emblems can be exchanged for Boxes with Loot.
• Daily Quests - this will be expanded on in upcoming 7.0 news articles.
• Rated Arenas & Dominion - these activities provide rewards on par with hard-difficulty allods.

Distortions and Astral Hunt allow spending Astral Keys only in the first two layers of each stage (before epic equipment). Skirmishes - only in the first three layers (before legendary equipment).



The changes to Astral Key mechanics eventually led to changes in Astral Replicator mechanics.

Just like Astral Keys, Replicators are no longer consumed upon entering an allod. An activated Replicator will now always be consumed when you open any Box, whether you spend any Keys or not, seeing as Replicators can be used under the Helping Hand effect. If you are under the effect of a Replicator, you will receive a warning if you try to activate Helping Hand. In this scenario, the Replicator can be deactivated.

Given you are likely to spend more Replicators (1 per every 2 Keys & 1 Box), their Boutique price will be reduced.



What is so special about these Boxes?

• The quality of their contents correspond with the quality of the Box itself.
• There are Boxes of different sizes. The largest are granted for killing bosses on high-difficulty allods, and also for participating in rated arenas & Dominion.
• Boxes are used upon pick-up. As soon as they get into your bag (when you kill a boss or buy them from a vendor), they are opened automatically, consuming a Key (or several of them if you have an activated Replicator), if you have any.
• You cannot store Boxes in your bag, though you can collect a certain of amount of special currency which they are bought with. By accumulating this currency, you cannot get too far ahead of other players since components for equipment upgrades can only be obtained from Boxes and only if they were opened with Keys, and the amount of Keys are limited.
• Boxes can be opened without Keys, but in this case they will contain the same reward as you would get under Helping Hand.
Helping Hand works on all Boxes. It can be activated or deactivated at any moment via a spell that is available to all players.

If you open a Box with a Key, you can get:

• Equipment parts of the corresponding quality. This is the only way you can get equipment parts for certain equipment slots. We'll be providing more information on this process in upcoming articles.
• Ready-to-use equipment of quality one level below that of the Box - for the rest of the slots. This includes all kinds of weapons. Stats (and their values) on the looted items are attributed randomly.
• [Subscription] If you don’t use a Replicator to open a Box, there is a chance to obtain one from it.
• Components for crafting tools (which will be expanded on in a future article).
• Gold - depending on the quality of the Box.

In case you don’t use a Key, or you open a Box while under the Helping Hand effect, the reward will be changed: you won’t receive gold, and equipment parts will be replaced with magical staples which are used to obtain transformation components.

Important! Boxes of epic and legendary quality consume 2 Astral Keys, and their replication requires 2 Replicators and 4 Keys. Thus, you can only obtain half of your equipment in layers of the corresponding quality. The rest of it is obtained in raid adventures.


Raid Adventures

Raid Adventure 7.0 has two difficulty levels, and the rewards correspond to the third and the fourth Astral layers. Raid adventures do not consume Astral Keys, though you can still only participate in them once a week.

In storyline mode, bosses drop reinforced equipment parts and pure staples, which produce 50% more components, as well as equipment of epic quality.

The stats of this equipment is attributed randomly, though equipment looted from the last two bosses in the adventure have more stats than that which is obtained on allods, or looted from the first two bosses.

Bosses in hard mode drop reinforced parts of perfect equipment and fabled perfect staples. This is the only way you can get components for crafting fabled equipment at the Anvil of Artefacts (a topic of which we'll be expanding on in future articles).

In both raid modes, you will obtain currency required to hire Dominion fighters, as well as pieces of a unique costume.


Please remember that the above news may not include the entire list of 7.0 changes.

We'll be going into further detail on many of the above topics in the near future, so be sure to follow our news feed and social media to be notified about more upcoming Update 7.0: New Order news!


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