Update 7.0 - New Order: Reforging
Update 7.0 - New Order: Reforging


Dear Sarnaut,

After going through all the changes that New Order brings to the process of 'gearing up', we're going to shift gears this week and explain 'reforging' – the process of crafting and transforming equipment.



First, let's see how the equipment system will change in general.

There will be two types of high-level equipment: craftable and lootable.

The following equipment pieces will be craftable: helmets, cloaks, armour, leg-plates, boots, earrings, shirts and rings.

The remaining slots – weapons, shields and special weapons, ranged weapons, gloves, shoulders, belts, wrists and necklaces – will be looted as ready-to-use pieces.

► Season 7.0 will include four mini-seasons that unlocks equipment of level 71, 73, 75, and 77 (correspondingly).
► Apart from Vigor and Stamina, each equipment piece will have two stats: offensive & defensive.
► Above mentioned stats can either be ones you are already familiar with (such as Proficiency), or new special stats. The combination of stats are randomly selected from those indicated in the item description.
► You still won’t be able to gain only one attacking or defensive stat on your character.
► Some stats will only be attributed to looted equipment (hereafter marked with an asterisk).
► Stats and their values differ per piece. For instance, if you have two of the same type & quality of helmet, one may have 120 Proficiency while the other has 110.


Stats Table:

Looted equipment will always fall one quality level behind the crafted one.

For instance, together with rare crafting components, you will loot uncommon ready-to-use equipment.

Anvil of Artifacts

To craft your equipment, you will still need to attend the Anvil of Artifacts. Its interface has been completely redesigned. Now it will display the list of all available recipes and the required components.

New equipment recipes will be unlocked automatically (alongside new Astral layers). As before, crafting equipment requires Amalgam and gold, and also a new component – a combat material. It is used in all recipes of level 71, though in different quantities. Materials can be obtained from equipment parts (found in Boxes with Loot) with the use of tools.

There are various types of tools that differ in efficiency.

► Craftsman's Tools (sold for gold from vendors).
► Tools (of various qualities, created in crafting professions).
► Excellent Tools (sold from the Quartermaster of rating arenas).
► Universal Tools (sold at the Boutique).
► Dominion Tools (sold for Realgar).

The higher the quality of equipment parts, the more materials you will get by disassembling them with your tools.



All items created at the Anvil of Artifacts can be transformed in order to change their stats.

The transformation list will display all your items, including the equipped ones. Transformation components are obtained from 'Boxes with Loot' without the use of Astral Keys (if you don't have any, or are under the Helping hand effect).

Transformation components (magical dust) and items that can be reworked into dust with tools (staples) will also be sold at the Negotiants.

Before transforming your equipment, you will need to select the type of stat (offensive or defensive) that you wish to change. After confirmation, all the required components will be consumed and you will be offered 4 transformation options: the current combination (if you don’t like the rest of the options; in this case, the components will be lost anyway), and three random combinations for this item. The changes may be either positive or negative, though vary in small degrees. The percentage from the maximum stat value which the item currently has will be indicated in the item description. It cannot exceed 100%.

One more way to get transformation components is to use tools on looted equipment. Those pieces will produce much less components than magical staples, though it is still an option.


Please remember that the above news may not include the entire list of 7.0 changes.


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