Update 7.0 - New Order: Seasons & Access
Update 7.0 - New Order: Seasons & Access


Dear Sarnaut,

The Update 7.0: "New Order" season will be divided into four mini-seasons, with each one gradually providing full sets of equipment from rare to fabled quality. Let's take a closer look at what exactly happens when a new mini-season begins...


For starters, a fresh mini-season lasts about four months. When the mini-seasons change – for instance, from equipment level 73 to level 75 – the following will happen:

• New storyline chapter unlocks.
• New Astral sectors will appear on the map.
• Raid adventure of level 71 will remain available.
• The maximum character level will remain the same.
• All Boxes with Loot of level 73 will stop consuming Keys.
• Activities and Boxes of level 71 will no longer be available.
• The amount of Astral Keys at your disposal will reset to 42.
• Level 75 activities unlock. You will be able to purchase Boxes of level 75 from vendors.
• New raid adventure unlocks, though access to it will be limited by equipment level.
• Negotiants will start using another currency. Items of level 73 will still be traded for the currency of level 73. Amalgam will be traded for the currency of level 75.
• Activities of the first layer of level 75, as well as purchasing the corresponding Boxes with Loot will become available for all characters after they complete the storyline chapter. Newly arrived players won’t have to collect all equipment of level 73. They will start with obtaining rare equipment of level 75 unless they already have equipment with higher stats.


Equipment of level 73 won’t become useless. Those who achieve maximum progress in season 73 will start the next one with equipment of a higher level, which will allow them to travel to higher layers of season 75, though newly arrived players will still have to start the season by completing its first layer.

It goes without saying that legendary equipment of level 75 will be stronger than legendary equipment of level 73. However, legendary equipment of level 73 doesn’t have to be discarded considering it can be transformed into epic equipment of level 75 with the same stats.


Access, Based on Equipment Level

Since we changed the stat system and removed Glyphs & Dragon Relics, the formula of equipment score calculation has changed as well. Overall, the score will become lower.

Ratings of all characters will be reset and recalculated upon their first login to updated content, and access to adventures will be limited by your equipment level. The maximum level will be always displayed in the character window.

What depends on the equipment level?

• Access to PvE activities (such as astral allods, distortions, raid adventures etc.)
• Assortment of goods provided by vendors who trade Boxes containing loot.
• The quality of the Boxes received from daily quests.

To reach the equipment level required to unlock the next layer, you'll need to collect a whole set of crafted and/or looted equipment of the current layer. However, increasing their stats to 100% will not be necessary.

For example; to unlock the second layer, you will need to craft all 10 pieces of rare equipment that can be crafted in the first layer. You will also have the opportunity to get into higher layers with the help of other players.


Friends’ Help:

For groups, access to allods and raid adventures will be granted according to the “two-out-of-three” scheme. Every two characters who have sufficiently strong equipment will be able to take a third character along with them even if his or her equipment level is too low.


  • This system helps you make up for missed progress. If you use tools obtained in rated arena on equipment parts of the first layer, you will receive 5 materials. If you use them on equipment parts of the third layer, you will receive 45 units of the same material, while crafting one equipment piece of the first layer requires 157 equipment parts.
  • When, with the help of your friends, you loot equipment in higher layers, you will be able to equip it right away and instantly increase your equipment level.
  • Upon visiting every new layer, your Astral key amount is reset to 14. This is done to prevent you from accumulating the maximum amount of keys and spending them all to get ahead of those who took you along to that layer.

Considering that Helping Hand allows the saving of Keys on Astral allods, it will be relatively easy for fresh players to complete the first layers even at the end of the season. All it takes is for a few people to take you along for the ride.

NOTE: Above scheme does not work at the Box vendors.

Please remember that the above news may not include the entire list of 7.0 changes.

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