Update 7.0 - New Order: Storyline
Update 7.0 - New Order: Storyline


Dear Sarnaut,

We're happy to announce that New Order, our upcoming 7.0 update, is heading your way very soon – paving the road forward with an increased level cap of 70 and brand new quest chains, unveiling the events that follow on from the demise of Locus.


Despite Locus' defeat, Heroes will meet the Architects once again – only this time the conflict will bring about an unfathomable war of the worlds!


Dane, the allod of the Free Traders, will become the unfortunate battlefield for this epic confrontation.


In contrast to the eerie and abandoned Ferris, Dane is a thriving island full of cities and villages whose inhabitants will be the ones to stand in the breach.


Having previously hired an entire army of perfectly equipped mercenaries to keep their domain safe, the Free Traders considered Dane to be very well protected for numerous years. However, with an invasion force now marching on their doorstep, it is clear that the threat they face is not only fearless and merciless, but also countless...


The Architects neither negotiate nor take prisoners. Worse yet is the fact that allods captured by them are degraded into a strange matter that is alien in nature to all living things. Should Dane fall, Sarnaut in its entirety will be in the enemy’s hands.


In the face of total annihilation, inhabitants of disparate allods must consider burying old grudges while considering the fate of their own homelands.


As bitter a pill as it is to swallow, neither the League nor Empire can win this war alone. On the other hand, an alliance between the two would allow brave heroes from both factions to rise to the challenge of defending Sarnaut from this visceral alien threat.


It is time for you, one of the many defenders of Sarnaut, to prepare for war! Dozens of difficult combat operations await you, leading to encounters with new characters and races, time travel, and the biggest battles in the history of Sarnaut!


Unlike the story of Ferris, this episode will not be divided into chapters. If the war against the Architects is won, more exciting events will be waiting for us in seasons 7+.

Please remember that the above news may not include the entire list of 7.0 changes.

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