Update 7.0 - New Order: Summary
Update 7.0 - New Order: Summary


Dear Sarnaut,

The long awaited update, 7.0 "New Order", is finally available to play! We hope you enjoy all the amazing changes introduced by this huge update and if you missed any 7.0 information provided during the lead up to its release, here's the perfect opportunity to catch up!


Information on new level cap and brand new quest chains which reveal the events that follow on from the battle with Locus.

Seasons & Access
Information on mini-seasons and how they begin.

Reforging Equipment
Information on the process of crafting and transforming equipment.

Allods and Distortions
There will be 4 single-player Astral allods and 6 single-player adventures. Apart from raids, these activities will be the main source of equipment.

Equipment Acquisition System
Information on how and where you are going to obtain gear in the upcoming season.

Class Changes - Part I
Information on overall class rework. Representatives of each class will be able to assume several distinctive roles in both PvP and PvE.

Class Changes - Part II
Information on secondary stats and their role for each class. Also describes the strengths and weaknesses of the classes in Aspect of Defence.

Class Changes - Part III
Information on Aspects of Support and Suppression, and also changes in weapon mechanics.

Class Changes - Part IV
Information on incarnation abilities and new abilities that consume Tears of the Dragon.

-The Allods Team