Update 7.0.2: "Blazing Skies" – Coming Soon!
Update 7.0.2: "Blazing Skies" – Coming Soon!

Dear Sarnaut,

We're pleased to announce that Update 7.0.2 is on the way! Here's a sneak peak into what you can expect to see on its arrival.

The final battle with the Architects is at hand!

The key to ultimate victory over these relentless invaders can be found within old battlefields and adventures, where brave heroes must learn the true purpose of the Star Gates. Are you one such hero? Are you prepared to witness the greatest battle Sarnaut has ever seen?

  • With this update, participating in raid adventures will become much easier for single players, starting with the possibility to join raids automatically through the Raid Search window. This option will allow you to participate in adventures for 9-15 member raids, all with an additional simplified difficulty mode. In this mode, you will receive less loot, but it will allow you to participate in the adventure an unlimited number of times a week.

  • Mazes on your private allod will also undergo significant changes, such as greatly developed “Tower-Defense” aspects. Maze owners will now be able to set various traps and auras in Maze rooms to strengthen their defenders and repel invaders’ attacks. We will also introduce some new monsters, including a new race of Kobolds.

  • You will be able to test your own Maze together with your party or a party of mercenaries. We have also improved the display of useful information on the state of your allod, and the owners of the most dangerous Mazes will receive a unique title!

  • A new title will also be granted to the top winners of the Arena of Heroes in the new Season of Frenzy. Among the regular prizes, the Champions of the Arena will receive a unique colour pattern for their Assault Shells.

  • Single players and incomplete parties will be able to participate in 3x3 and 6x6 combats. Participating in these combats will not affect your rating, though allow you to earn valuable Combat Emblems.

  • Fans of PvP will be able to brush up on their skills and develop new tactical schemes for raid Dominion in a training version of Misty Glade.

  • We have improved the battle log in skirmishes to provide an easier analysis of your damage. The log will show how much damage you have received or absorbed from additional effects.

  • Two more races will be able to select the Engineer class: Arisen (Inventors) and Gibberling (Cannoneers).

  • Treasure hunters will discover two new Astral allods - a mysterious Priden temple and East Overshoe, the residence of Shri-Imp!

Stay tuned for more on what's heading your way in 7.0.2 via our upcoming news!

-The Allods Team