Update 7.0.2: "Blazing Skies" – Daily Gifts!
Update 7.0.2: "Blazing Skies" – Daily Gifts!

Dear Sarnaut,

Every visit to Allods Online after the release of 7.0.2 “Blazing Skies” will become pleasantly profitable, starting with new daily quests that allow you to win some awesome prizes! The quests are not overly difficult, yet the rewards that you can earn are extremely valuable.

Once the update is live you'll notice a new icon in the character window which, if pressed by characters higher than level 10, will open the Daily valuables draw window. This window lists potential rewards that can be received by completing your daily quest (max. one a day). Once that quest is completed, one of the rewards from the prize window is randomly selected for you to collect. The reward will not be discarded if you choose not to collect it straight away, lasting for 7 days before expiring.

Completing a daily quest adds one point to your progress bar, with every 7th point being a special milestone (7th, 14th, 21st, and 28th). Reaching these milestones allow you to receive a reward from the list of especially valuable prizes.

As you can imagine, the 28th bar grade is the best. There, you will get to select your reward, and it will show up in your bag under the Valuables tab immediately. After day 28, the bar resets, filling once again on the next day.

Depending on whether your character has reached maximum level or not, the reward lists will either contain more items that will prove useful at maximum level, or items that will help you develop pre-max level characters respectively.

Among the regular rewards, you will find Gold, Crystal chips, Amalgam, Tears of the Dragon, Potions, and Elixirs. More valuable rewards will include combat vehicles such as:

► Lightning Bolt
► Manabike
► Rumble
► Wraith

That's not all - you may also acquire runes and class-changing items! However, the full reward list is much, much larger, and will be published at a later time.

Some rewards achieved through this new system will not be accessible by any other means! This includes:

► Blade of the Loyal Knight
► Plague Doctor's Robe
► Strongbox of Fortune
► St. Patriceus' Robe

All these fantastic rewards (and more) will be awaiting you in 7.0.2 “Blazing Skies”!

-The Allods Team