Update 7.0.2: "Blazing Skies" – Maze Update!
Update 7.0.2: "Blazing Skies" – Maze Update!

Dear Sarnaut,

Update 7.0.2 will be bringing a major rework to the Maze system, so let's take a look at how mini-seasons will affect your private allod, as well as investigate traps, new monsters, and the mysterious toothy chest.

Seasons, Ratings, Rewards

Once Update 7.0.2 is live, all Maze owners will start receiving two types of regular rewards:

  • A weekly letter with attached resources – contains items produced by the Horn of Abundance: Granite, Corals, Gold, or Tears of the Dragon. You will be able to select one prize at a time. The mechanics of the Horns of Abundance will remain the same.

  • Seasonal reward – tools for Maze Defenders’ slot improvement. These tools allow you to place more dangerous creatures within Maze rooms. Both slots and tools for their improvement can have different quality.

In addition, all Maze owners will receive a letter via ingame mail containing a cute but deadly gift - their very own Mimic that will aid in protecting your Maze from uninvited guests. This carnivorous piece of furniture can be placed in the blue slots for Maze Defenders despite the fact that its stats are closer to those of purple-slot monsters.

Construction and Development

The most exciting feature of the new Maze system is their regular rearrangement. In the beginning of a new season, all Maze owners will receive the possibility to build 5 rooms and one crossing or a fork without spending resources.

In the past, Maze builders had to start with a single room, whilst building another two or three could take weeks. Now you'll be able to gradually develop your Maze (using Granite) up until the end of a mini-season, at which point all the layouts are reset to their initial state and Maze owners receive seasonal rewards. After that, you will be offered to set the layout of the 5 basic rooms and a crossing/fork one more time.

As a result, the overall extension of the Mazes will become much shorter, though this doesn’t mean the defences of your treasuries will weaken – in fact, they will even grow stronger thanks to the new monsters, traps and auras.

All in all, the Maze will become a much more thrilling and diverse activity. Newcomers to Mazes will be able to compete with old-timers, while more experienced Maze owners will get to brush up on their skills and earn some lovely rewards for the effort.

The appearance of your Maze will not necessarily depend on climate: all those who will build their Maze after update 7.0.2, will get to select any Maze style, including a brand new one.

Monsters, Traps, Auras

Monster collection will be supplemented with some new species!

Aside from the nibble-happy chest, the Mimic, a new race of Maze defenders – Kobolds – will become available. They look completely different to goblins and also have some new abilities, though their stats are basically the same.

Apart from various creatures, you can also use traps and auras to improve the defences of your Maze. Traps are usually designed to be used by a group of Maze defenders. They are either triggered in the beginning of battle, or under certain circumstances, e.g. when one of the monsters die. Traps have various effects: they either stun the invaders with lightning bolts, or infect them with terrible diseases, poisons, or even make the defenders invisible. A trap is disabled as soon as the group of monsters is destroyed.

Auras work similarly – strengthening monsters and weakening attackers. They are set separately and affect the whole room, and the effects of traps and auras can work at the same time.

Auras and traps consume supplies, which you will have to purchase in advance. However, those supplies are only consumed if the aura/trap effects are triggered by the invaders.

New monsters, auras and traps are acquired in the same way as before – in raid adventures, skirmishes, Mausoleum of Sparks, Tka-Rik's Cave, Goblinball, and so on. After the update is implemented, all Maze owners will receive the starting set of Kobolds, while some traps and auras will be extremely easy to obtain.

Also, the daily quests on your private allod will allow you to accumulate currency used to purchase auras, traps, and Kobolds.

We can't wait to see what fiendish layouts and deadly combinations you can muster with this new system!

All this and much more is heading your way in update 7.0.2, so stay tuned for more insights!

-The Allods Team