Update 7.0.2: "Blazing Skies" – Raid Search
Update 7.0.2: "Blazing Skies" – Raid Search

Dear Sarnaut,

Few people have an on-demand 12-player-raid in their pocket – but now, nobody will need one!

Thanks to a new Raid Search feature being implemented in 7.0.2: Blazing Skies, players can sign up for a new "Battle of Gods" adventure using an automatic raid search interface. The more the merrier, as difficulty will scale based on the amount of players in the raid.

Do you accept the challenge? If the answer is YES, you can avail of this new feature every day from 12:00 to 00:00 (CEST).

To do this, simply open the Group Search window (Ctrl+M), click on the corresponding tab, and select your preferable role and let the system automatically find a raid for you. Bear in mind that you cannot sign up for a raid AND party-based content at the same time. However, please bear in mind that this feature is still being developed, thus it only applies to the Battle of Gods adventure, not all adventures or raids.

Raid adventures are a tougher activity compared to most, so when you join the queue for Battle of Gods, the system will check if your class and Aspect correspond to the selected role. For instance, you cannot join an adventure as a healer if you are in Aspect of Assault. If you attempt to do so, you'll be asked to change your Aspect. The same also applies to missions on Astral allods.

Difficulty will depend on the number of members in your raid – the larger the raid, the more difficult the mission. If any raid members leave before the adventure is complete, they'll be replaced with another queueing player as soon as possible. Also, if you leave the adventure (or are removed for some technical reason), you will be able to rejoin it later. To do so, right-click your character’s portrait and select “Return to the adventure”.

The character with the highest equipment score automatically becomes the raid leader when groups are formed using raid search, though you can also participate in an adventure with a preliminarily gathered group. In this case, your raid will not be disbanded even if one of you leaves the game. Just like “Helping hand” on Astral allods, killing a boss for the first time during a week is rewarded with equipment, while killing them repeatedly will earn you Meteorite staples and Emblems of Notable Victory.

This is just one of many features heading your way as part of 7.0.2: Blazing Skies!

-The Allods Team