Update 8.0: Content Scaling
Update 8.0: Content Scaling

Dear Sarnaut,

Update 8.0: "Immortality" offers an alternative way to develop new characters. Once the update has been implemented, all new players will be able to register for Skirmishes, Arena, and even reach Astral Allods within their first few hours of game-time!

  • Low-level Astral Allods

Players will now be able to access Astral Allods through the Looking for Group interface (Ctrl+M) once they reach level 23 – the only requirement being that they have learned an Aspect via the Talents interface.

Characters' equipment and stats will be enhanced when opting for this activity, and will have to overcome the challenges without aid from the Mercenaries feature. Heroes will receive Symbols of Experience, gold, and equipment (according to their level) for completing Allods in this manner.


  • Low-level Skirmishes

Players that have reached level 10 will be able to access the Deserted Farm, Witch's Hollow, and the Training Camp skirmishes, as well as 3х3 Arenas!

Just like the Astral Allods feature, characters' equipment and stats will be enhanced in this activity as well. You will receive XP (for killing hostile characters), gold, equipment according to your level, and also unlock unique goods from Quartermasters in Novograd and Nezebgrad.

Both of these features utilize the same equipment enhancement mechanic:
– Level 23 to 50 characters will receive a set of level 50 uncommon equipment.
– Level 51 to 74 characters will receive a set of level 70 uncommon equipment.

We hope all new players make good use of these changes, as it will now be very easy to acquaint yourself with Allods Online and a selection of PvP & PvE adventures within the first few hours of play. It is also a good means for veteran players to develop their alt-characters and incarnations – everyone wins!

We look forward to seeing you in Update 8.0: "Immortality"!

-The Allods Team