Update 8.0: Immortality – Summary
Update 8.0: Immortality – Summary

Dear Sarnaut,

8.0 "Immortality" has landed, marking the arrival of the Aoidoi – Allods eighth playable race – and many other great tweaks, changes and content! We hope you have fantastic new adventures and enjoy all that's on offer.

Unsure of what's heading your way? Then see below for a full list of all 8.0 news provided during the lead up to the updates release, as well as the official patch-notes. If you're a returning player – here to welcome the Aoidoi to Sarnaut – you can always refer to our previous Comeback Guide to help you get back on your feet!


8.0 Collector's Edition
Information on the latest Collector's Edition and Starter Kit, full to the brim with goodies and cosmetics to enjoy on old & new characters alike. Sound good to you? Then be sure to check out the FAQ for more information, or the above link to head directly to the Collector's Edition page.

8.0 "Aoidos" - New Playable Race
Information on Allods' eighth playable race – the Aeidos – and how to unlock them.

8.0 "Winter Atoll"
Information on the brand new "Winter Atoll" – counterpart of the Tropical Atoll. Cool activities await you over the Winter Holidays and New Year.

8.0 "Orders" - Part 1
Information on "Orders", a new feature that rewards you for simply undergoing day-to-day activities.

8.0 "Orders" - Part 2
Information on the new "Blood Trial" activity and how to increase your rank within an Order.

8.0 "Content Scaling"
Information on how various PvE & PvP activities are now more accessible.

Here at Allods, we wish you all very happy holidays, a brilliant new year, and great new adventures in-game!

-The Allods Team