Update 8.0: New Race – Aoidos
Update 8.0: New Race – Aoidos

Dear Sarnaut,

Update 8.0: "Immortality" will introduce the eighth playable race to Allods Online: the Aoidoi. Here's some insight into these talented and peculiar creatures.

One of the most astonishing features of the Aoidoi is their innate knowledge of the universe, having come to this world with memories of events that took place long before their species even existed. Meditation is popular amongst Aoidos, as they believe the universe will only unlock its most sacred mysteries to those who keep their mind at peace, and strive for mental harmony.

  • Aoidos Psionicist Ability
    Aoidoi can alter the space around themselves and swap places with a hostile hero (unless the path to them is blocked by an obstacle).

Still, their native Allod, Ammrah, can hardly be called less mysterious than its dwellers. When the first Aoidos opened their eyes to the universe surrounding them, they saw Sarnaut as something fickle and unpredictable. Their understanding of the many centuries' worth of history of the word alone proved insufficient when living on the astral continent, whose landscape kept changing right before their eyes, meaning this young race had to adapt to surviving in an unpredictable environment for the first time. Fortunately, Aoidos learn faster than any other race, honing their scouting and orienteering skills to utter perfection in no time at all.

  • Aoidos Scout Ability
    Aoidoi spring a clever trap that will immobilize their enemy, killing them slowly.

The new race was also surprisingly quick at harnessing the powers of nature. Through their magic powers, the Aoidoi managed to erect their first settlement rather quickly: their magnificent edifices rose right out of the living stone, and turned mountain springs to fountains. Their mighty elementals stand guard at their borders, protecting their masters from most of their concerns.   

  • Aoidos Mage Ability
    Aoidoi spend two-times less natural energy points for 15 seconds after activation.

The less time citizens had to spend thinking about ways to find sustenance and protect themselves against wild animals, the more of it they could devote to leisure. It's worth noting that Aoidoi tend to value intellectual matters well above wealth. These people may not have been well-versed in the art of war, but their culture has caught up and even left behind that of many other peoples of Sarnaut. Be sure to give the local music of Ammrah a careful listen – the tender sounds of their golden harps can enchant even the most sophisticated music lover.   

  • Aoidos Bard Ability
    After reciting a passage from an epos, every positive effect lifted by enemy will heal their inspired allies.

And so, the path of self-discovery, and making the world a better place, is the path chosen by most Aoidoi, earning the respect of their peers by reaching certain heights in all their pursuits. The most esteemed members of the society may sometimes become Domini. Domini are celebrated master craftsmen or artisans that devote their lives to the care of their compatriots. Aoidoi do not have a single ruler – all important decisions are made by the Dominus Council.

  • Aoidos Templar Ability
    Aoidoi focus solely on their defence, restoring damage-storage time to 10 seconds on all barriers.

  The strong, lithe bodies of Aoidos almost never age, know no sickness, and are impervious to most poisons. Death of their brethren is a rare and shocking occurrence, given it happens very rarely. Although Aoidoi are not religious, their allying with the League and the Empire will, most likely, bring them around to way of the Trinity Church or the Church of Light. The thought of permanent death is simply too horrible when the option of eternal resurrection is on the table. A zealous believer may still be a one-of-a-kind occurrence amongst the dwellers of Ammrah, but let us not forget bout the zeal these creatures employ in their every pursuit.

  • Aoidos Priest Ability
    Aoidoi strengthen their allies' faith by negating all control affects applied to them, whilst also temporarily protecting them from new ones.

It's even more difficult to imagine an army of Aoidoi soldiers. This is a peaceful people, and, in all their history, only a hero named Kyros was found to possess a warrior's talent. Had they a couple of hundreds of such Aoidoi, they might have been able to withstand any external threat. Their strong bodies know no fatigue, and their razor-sharp minds stay cool and precise even in the most dangerous situations.

  • Aoidos Warrior Ability
    Aoidoi temporarily increase their Anger and Stability.

History aside, bear in mind that Aoidoi characters may only be created as incarnations -- only players with at least one level 70 character and reincarnation available will be able to create an Aoidos character.

We look forward to seeing you in (and the new race) in Update 8.0: "Immortality"!

-The Allods Team