Update 8.0: Order Xtras
Update 8.0: Order Xtras

Dear Sarnaut,

As mentioned in our last article, Update 8.0: "Immortality" will bring a brand new Order feature for players to enjoy. This article will cover details that had to be omitted due to the scope of changes it involves, and to alleviate some fears that orders are 'compulsory' or that they take lots of time to complete.

Orders, Rewards, and In-Game Time

The overall system will not make gameplay more difficult; it will make it more comfortable. Players will enjoy an opportunity to use daily bonuses and receive valuable resources and buffs for free from the Quartermaster. We would like to remind you that there is no need to compete with other players to receive the first two ranks (Disciple and Champion of the order): you only need to earn enough Stature. Stature, in turn, is awarded for feats, which are a staple of heroes' lives as it is, be it raids to the Astral or battles in various arenas.

Developers believe that everyone who spends all available Astral Keys every week will have no difficulty obtaining the rank of a Champion. The rank of a Disciple is even easier to achieve, since it requires considerably less Stature than the rank of a Champion.

We would like to remind you that both Disciples and Champions may use the order warehouse to receive these valuable resources every 2 weeks: Amalgam, meteorite fragments, universal staples, universal tools, Tears of the Dragon, food, and drinks.

However, earning ranks of Stature is NOT the only way to receive more valuables from the warehouse!

Blood Trial

Every second week of the month, members of orders may try their hand at the "Blood Trial." The aim of the trial is to reveal the most deadly players of every class.

Characters will be rewarded with an increased selection of valuables available at order warehouses. That bonus stacks with the rank bonus but is not affected by it. Blood Trial winners will receive an honorary title and additional warehouse benefits.

The trial requires a single gladiator to defeat 6 monsters at the Arena of Heroes without dying once. The faster they deal with their enemies, the more handsome the reward after the sixth victory.

It's worth noting that completing the Blood Trial will take less than 15 minutes. Completing the Trial is, on average, more profitable than fighting once in the Witch's Hollow or the Deserted Farm PvP arenas. You can compete for the prize every day during every second week.

Additionally, every two weeks you will have a one-off chance for your Blood Trial rank to be counted towards the order rankings. Rankings will mostly interest active players that want to be known as best in their class.

It's important to complete ranking Blood Trials as soon as possible. At the end of the second week your results will be compared to those of other order members of the same class. All-round champions of each order will be awarded an honorary title corresponding to their character's class:

  • Bard -– Living Legend
  • Warden — Lord of Nature
  • Engineer — Industry Leader
  • Mage — Master of Elements
  • Summoner — Speaker to the Dead
  • Paladin — Champion of Light
  • Healer — Lightbringer
  • Psionicist — Higher Mind
  • Scout — Hawk-eyes
  • Warrior — First Blade

That flair will stay added to hero's name for 2 weeks. Should a hero manage to become the leader in the same class 10 times, they will be awarded the title permanently. Developers have also hinted at even rarer rewards for those who manage to become the leader in all 10 classes ten times. Will Sarnaut have such a hero? Time will tell.

Placing 2nd-9th in the rankings also involve special titles, though they will be different from the ones above. Naturally, finishing among the ten best players in your class in any order will grant you warehouse Quartermasters' privileges.

To Summarize

So, all Order events can be theoretically divided into competitive and non-competitive.

Most players will be interested in obtaining and keeping the first two ranks (Disciple and Champion), and also in participating in the Blood Trial every second week (without ranking). This will allow them to regularly receive valuables at the order's warehouse without any risks or competition.

Competitive activities will require more effort, but, beside the warehouse benefits, they will make participants famous across the servers and bring them rare honorary titles.

-The Allods Team