Update 8.0: Orders
Update 8.0: Orders

Dear Sarnaut,

Update 8.0: "Immortality" will add variety to the political life of our players. Besides guilds, player will also be able to join one of the three Orders: inter-server alliances that give their members significant benefits.

The introduction of orders is deeply rooted in the storyline of the update, but you will learn of their connection within the game itself, whereas this article will focus on the basic principles of the new activity and the benefits it may offer to members.

Order Membership

Players will be available to join an order just before they reach level 75 (later, the orders will be open only to max level characters). This is, basically, the only important requirement: there are no admission fees or difficult quests for applicants.

The orders are inter-server and interfactional unions, that offer common objectives to citizens of the League and the Empire in all aspects of the in-game world. It's important to note that a single spark can only belong to one order, so if your character has incarnations, they all will take one side and get common ranks and bonuses.

Sarnaut will have three orders in total, all of which will compete with each other. Which one will prove the strongest depends entirely on the players, their efforts, skills, and ability to make efficient collective decisions.

Unlike with guilds, orders don't have leaders or officers, which means that once you join an order, no one will be able to remove you from it or somehow fine you for little activity. Still, the more effort you make for the development of your order, the more benefits you will have.

You will be able to change your order if you wish. You will not be able, however, to change them too often, lest players start constantly migrating.

Order Stature

The more active you are in the order's development, the better your benefits. In addition, the amount of input you contribute will be reflected in your stature.

Players increase their order stature each time they:

  • Spend an Astral Key.
  • Complete a battle at the PvP Arena.
  • Defeat bosses in raid adventures.
  • Kill monsters in the Kingdom of Elements.
  • Return chests received for defeating Astral demons.
  • Defeat a wave of monsters on the Arena of Heroes.

Additionally, raid adventures, Arena of Heroes and raid Skirmishes like Dominion will yield the most Stature. Stature is accumulated over 14 days, then its bar will be reset and it starts accumulating all over again.

Titles, Voting, Rewards

The more Stature you earn for your order, the higher your rank will be. Increasing your rank offers you the following benefits:

⦁     Voting. Every day, each player with a rank can choose from 3 bonuses from a previously disclosed list. The next day those positive effects will buff all of the order's members who participated in the vote. Initially, the list will comprise of approximately 20 options, which will include one that increases the gathering rate for all main resources (Amalgam, Achievements, etc.), and even bonuses to character stats (Willpower, Stability, Precaution, Determination). Developers are currently discussing the possibility of extending the number of options even further in coming updates.

⦁     Order Warehouse is a special stall with useful items that members of an order may receive for free. The higher their rank is, the more options they will have. Said stall offers many sought-after valuables, such as Amalgam, Replicators, useful battle potions, temporary stats enhancers, and more.

⦁     Unique titles and emblems, along with various flairs displayed by your character's name. Bling bling!

Players will be divided into 6 categories according to their rank:

NO RANK: A player that has only just joined an order and has no Stature. They don't receive any bonuses and cannot vote.

DISCIPLE: A player that has earned a small amount of prestige. This rank allows players to vote and use the order warehouse.

Disciples can eventually become an Order Champion should they manage to earn enough Stature before it's reset (again, Stature is reset every 14 days). During voting, a single vote from a Champion equals three votes from Disciples. Champions also enjoy a wider selection in the order warehouse.

Disciples and Champions that ranked 11 to 100 based on the Stature they've earned will be proclaimed Warriors of the Order at the end of every second week. A single vote from a Warrior equals ten votes from Disciples. That rank increases Precaution by 100 and also offers an even wider selection in the order warehouse.

Members that rank 10 to 2 based on the Stature they've earned will be proclaimed Lord of the Order every second week. A single vote from a Lord equals 25 votes from Disciples. Additionally, all Lords can access almost all items in the warehouse and are protected by magic that reduces the time of enemies' control effects.

Lastly, the one that achieves first place by the end of the second week, based on Stature they've earned, will be proclaimed the Master of Light and the Right Hand of the Leader. The vote of a person of such stature has as much weight as votes from two hundred Disciples! Additionally, the Master of Light bears a corresponding title decorated by an honorary emblem and can use a unique ability that, albeit temporarily, securely protects them from enemies' control effects. Achieving this rank ensures that said player enjoys the widest selection of valuables in the warehouse.

Since Stature is refreshed every 14 days, titles also must be reconfirmed every two weeks by meeting corresponding requirements.

We hope you enjoy this new feature and look forward to seeing the new political landscapes you forge during 8.0: Immortality!

-The Allods Team