Update 8.0: "Winter Atoll"
Update 8.0: "Winter Atoll"

Dear Sarnaut,

By installing the upcoming 8.0 "Immortality" update, a brand new holiday retreat will become available. Tired of sand in your shoes or the constant rustle of the sea? Then prepare yourself for some cool stories about a brand new resort!

Winter Atoll will be available to all level 20+ characters. Winter can be harsh, so make sure to stock up on warm clothing before you depart. Even when wrapped up in furs, it would be best not to hang around in one place for long – we hear it's so cold that people can be frozen in-place if they don't stay warm! Run, jump, dance around fires, drink hot liquids – these simple tasks should suffice in keeping you from turning into a icicle.

Once you learn how to traverse the land without turning into a block of shivering ice, you can try your hand at the local attractions, of which there are two types: regular events, and holiday-themed events. The holiday-themed events start just before the New Year, but there's still lots of fun things to do on the icy island at other times.

Figure skating on the surface of a frozen lake is the most popular activity – grazed knees and frozen noses are nothing compared to falling under the thin ice! What, you don't want a taste of bitter cold water? Then you better start practising – there's a reward for every 10 seconds of skating!

Fortress Siege is another matter entirely – a a noble and lofty cause! Will you challenge defenders or raise your own castle? You decide, though remember to follow the code of honour regardless of your choice: not on the face, and no shooting behind the collar. The fortresses are, naturally, made of snow, and so are the projectiles. If a fortification holds out long enough, its owner will be rewarded. And if they don't? Well, the rewards will go to those who pelted the guardian, and their fortress, with snowballs!

Ascent to the High Mountain will be to the liking of those who prefer zen-style relaxation: walking paths high in the mountains, lighting up paper lanterns, admiring the winter scenery, running away in panic from the local evil spirits… Ahhh, paradise! The main thing is not to let your worries ruin the harmony of your thoughts. Jeez, so frost spirits are turning living people into icicles, big deal! In any case, the locals can pry you from the ground in a second and carry you over to the fires beside the foot of the mountain to warm you up. Once you reach the summit, the reward for your endurance will be a handsome one.

Snowboarding on gliders is just like snowboarding on snowboards, but with gliders instead of snowboards – duh! You don't have to buy a glider: the resort's managers will provide you with one absolutely free of charge. What do you prefer? Racing against other tourists or running a course? To be honest, the local track includes both of those, so you'll have to glide down one of the highest points of the Winter Atoll at breakneck speed either way! The races start every 60 minutes, and the three fastest glider pilots will be rewarded with valuable prizes.

Ice Fishing is not for the weak of spirit! You need deft hands, sharp eyes, and a liver of steel. If you're patient enough, you can even fish out a whole set of useful items, and the luckiest fishers might even end up with a rare fish! You can keep the items, and remember to show the fish to the owners of the Atoll: they are likely to reward you out of sheer surprise.

Most of the feats on the Winter Atoll are rewarded with the local currency: Snowflakes. They can be exchanged at the local shop for delicious food that adds 10-15 points to your Vitality, Bloodlust, and Willpower. They also have new colour patterns for your vehicles, as well as special fireworks.

Regarding said fireworks: pyrotechnics of such beauty cannot be found anywhere else on Sarnaut. They can be used to create almost any pattern – just remember to get some distance from it before they blow, and make a screenshot to remember!

New Year is the celebration of choice in the Winter Atoll. Aside from the usual New year activities, such as Greedy Father Frost, and arranging Christmas Trees, garlands, and snowmen, collecting gifts, etc., you will also be treated to two new shows: a battle with frost spirits, and a festive march in honor of Genlun the Great – the guardian spirit of the Tekyan people.

There is no room for boredom in the Winter Atoll, so gather your warmest clothes and prepare for Update 8.0: "Immortality"!

-The Allods Team