Update 8.0.1 "Creation" Arriving May 23rd!
Update 8.0.1 "Creation" Arriving May 23rd!

Dear Sarnaut,

Soon update 8.0.1 "Creation" will be installed on all Allods Online servers, which means a new mini-season is about to start! What do we have in store?


Mutinous keeper Kyros perished, and since his death Sarnaut has had a relatively peaceful time. No military conflicts on Allods, no obvious threat hanging over the world. What do adventure seekers do now? Upgrade their skills and expand their horizons, of course!


There’s also a perfect opportunity for that: the Aoidoi celebrate the birth of a new Dominus and invite the strongest heroes of the League and the Empire to participate in a grand athletic competition! Join chariot races, descend into the Minotaur's Labyrinth, and fight in the gladiator games! 

The new Dominus’ name is Cosmos. This powerful Aoidos can be called the Great Mage of his race: the ancient secrets of the Universe are revealed to him. Do you long for knowledge and possibilities? The wise Aoidos will take you to the greatest battles in history and let you approach the new world mystery - the power of Creation!

Also, by completing raid adventures you now get a chance to obtain or upgrade your own Artifact - a new equipment item which grants the same bonus as legendary proficiency.


The first Artifact, Freedom Mirror, will be given to you automatically after update 8.0.1 is installed given you have unlocked the legendary bonuses in mini-season 8.0.0, i.e. obtained at least two of the required fabled equipment items. 


Artifacts have 5 upgrade levels; each of them grants you new bonuses (similarly as legendary proficiency). For instance, Freedom Mirror will inherit all the legendary effects of your fabled equipment: the more fabled items you have at the moment of update, the higher your artifact level will be once you receive it.

In mini-season 8.0.1, you will be able to upgrade (or craft and upgrade) Freedom Mirror and also obtain and upgrade another Artifact - Victory Cross. We will tell more about its properties in the upcoming articles, but for now you should know one important detail: Artifacts can be worn together. Unlike the legendary properties of your equipment, your Artifacts will stay effective during the whole year and not only during the mini-season. 

Resources for crafting and upgrading Artifacts can be only obtained in raid adventures; however, the whole set of fabled equipment can be collected on Astral allods (without participating in raid adventures if you don’t want to). Also, with update 8.0.1 some of the fabled items will become lootable and others will become available for crafting (like equipment of other types).


Equipment stats and ways of their adjustment will remain the same; however, the stats of looted items will also become available for redistribution with Insignias. Apart from that, you will be able to adjust not only the stats, but also the weapon type (for example, turn paired daggers into a two-handed sword). 


We are introducing a new rating system for Maze owners. It is much simpler than the current one: when robbers die in your Maze, each death increases the overall rating of your Maze. If they fail to rob your Maze, each death will grant less rating than in a case of a successful plunder.

Also, we will slightly change the sorting algorithm for the list of Mazes available for plunder: the less often you are being attacked, the more often the plunderers will see you on their list. Which means if your Maze is well-protected, prepare to be attacked more often!


Other innovations

Of course, this is not the full list of changes! Also with update 8.0.1 are coming:

  • Change in the mechanics of Tenacity and Willpower;
  • Additional rewards for full completion of Astral allods;
  • Option to join Skirmishes together with your friends;
  • New Order trial;
  • Class changes and much more!

We will reveal more details in the upcoming articles. Stay tuned! Do you want to help shape the world of Sarnaut? Take part in our Name the Server Contest and win tremendous prizes!