Update 8.0.1 "Creation": Equipment
Update 8.0.1 "Creation": Equipment

Today we’ll take a look at how you can gear up in the Astral and what glorious rewards await you for full allod completion!

Bonus for full allod completion

With update 8.0.1 "Iceborn", full completion of Astral allods will be rewarded with an additional reward - bonus Order Prestige (200 in odd-numbered sectors and 500 in even-numbered sectors) and special coins called Sovereigns.


Sovereigns will allow you to obtain large boxes with equipment, concentration-increasing food, determination-increasing drinks, damage-increasing alchemical potions, replicators (subscription server only), and, most importantly, honorary titles for your character!

If you leave an allod before you finish it with a party, you will receive the Flee effect which will prevent you from receiving any Sovereigns for the next 30 minutes.

Gearing up in the Astral

A new Astral layer will be revealed with the new update, where equipment of fabled quality and parts for crafting itare looted. A full set of fabled equipment can now be obtained without participating in raid adventures if you don’t want to or can’t find a raid.

Killing bosses in the Purple and Amber layers and in the Forsaken sector will consume 1 Astral Key for each. Insignias can now be used freely to change stats on any equipment (including looted) even if the stats are not maximum.

The first raid adventure in a week will cost you Astral Keys (Astral replicators can be used) which means you won’t have to spend too much time on obtaining equipment. For instance, completing a raid adventure in hard mode will cost you 25 Astral Keys.



After update 8.0.1, every character will find three more equipment slots for special items called artifacts. Resources for crafting and upgrading these artifacts will be obtained in raid adventures.

If you collected a whole set of fabled equipment in mini-season 8.0, you will receive the first artifact automatically. Otherwise you can continue acquiring the equipment in mini-season 8.0.1 while crafting the second artifact.

The third artifact will become available in mini-season 8.0.2. Before that, the slot will remain empty. Each artifact is unique and takes up one slot. You cannot replicate it.

To craft an artifact, you will need Dust of Creation and Fate Elixir. The former is obtained in limited quantities and only in raid adventures. The Elixir can be obtained in the same way, and also purchased from Quartermasters of the rating arenas or replicated with Symbols of Abundance.

These artifacts will perform the same function as the legendary abilities on your current fabled equipment. There are **five artifact upgrade levels*+, each of them will grant your character an additional ability. The first artifact grants you the same bonuses as a complete set of fabled equipment from season 8.0.