Update 8.0.1 Creation Now Live!
Update 8.0.1 Creation Now Live!


Update 8.0.1 Creation has been successfully installed and is now available for download! Besides, we have launched Equilibrium - the first Allods Online server with triple bonus on killing monsters. Until August 1st, we invite you to participate in the server’s grand marathon, where you will also receive awesome prizes for leveling up your character: level 8 Runes, a riding Furnace, and many other valuables!


Legendary proficiency will be replaced with a new type of equipment - the artifact, which will grant your character unique abilities and passive bonuses. For now, 3 artifacts will be available for all players, and the first of them will be automatically given to everyone who has collected at least two items of fabled quality, required to unlock the legendary bonuses, in the previous mini-season.

Components for crafting and upgrading artifacts can be obtained in raid adventures, while the rest of the equipment - all of it - is now obtained on Astral allods. Also, killing all four bosses on an allod is now additionally rewarded, so fighting until the very end is now always a better choice than to desert!

The new story chapter will acquaint you with the lifestyle of the Aoidoi and give you a chance to participate in the great Dionic Games - the Sarnautian version of the Olympic Games. “The Observatory” raid will allow you to travel through space and time and contribute to the epic battles of the past!

Apart from all that, we have launched new arenas for the Trial of Blood, changed the rating calculation principle for Mazes on your personal allods, and provided the option to join a random skirmish together with your friends - and that is not it!

Check out the full list of changes here.

Enjoy the game!