Update 8.0.2 "Foreshadow" Now Live!
Update 8.0.2 "Foreshadow" Now Live!


Update 8.0.2 "Foreshadow" is now live and today, we’re going to tell you about the adventures coming along with the new mini-season!

New Story Chapter

The giant copper construct, driven by a particle of the Dark God’s power, has been defeated. But Thalos was just the first harbinger of Nihaz’s return!


Peace has been restored, the Dionic Games continue... It looks like Sarnaut is safe. But everyone keeps wondering what the mysterious God of Darkness is going to do next.

Dominus Cosmos doesn’t want to waste time and looks for new allies in the war with Nihaz. He is considering two particular candidates, who are familiar to us, although one of them had fallen by the hand of the Empire's heroes. Now, thanks to the Observatory, we can go to the past and fix that mistake.


To meet the second ally, we will have to travel to the future and behold the terrifying fate of Sarnaut, which is imminent unless we stop the Darkness from spreading. To witness the rebirth of the New Land and the end of the world itself - this is what lies in store for the heroes.

Many more adventures are waiting!

Allods Survival

Seasoned treasure hunters have already had a chance to experience the challenges of the Forsaken Astral sector. In the upcoming update, those who are used to beating any obstacles, will get an opportunity to put their strength to the test on allods with growing difficulty and win a worthy reward for that!

As a reward for a full completion of a regular allod (killing all four bosses in any order) in an even-numbered Astral sector, you will get 2 Distortion Cubes. Depending on the selected method of loot sharing, the reward will go to the selected or to a random party member.

If you use one of those cubes, it will disappear after granting you the preparatory teleportation effect. If you are your party leader, this will enable you to send your whole party to one of the increased difficulty allods in the layer which corresponds to the cube’s color and level.


What is the point of this all?

For a full completion of an increased difficulty allod, you will be granted an Astral Booster, which will allow you to increase the stats of an equipment item by 1%, even over 100% and up to 115%, and another 2 Distortion Cubes - one for the party leader, and another for one of the party members. Those cubes will have a higher level and allow you to travel to even more difficult allods.

Here works the same principle as in the Arena of Heroes. With each next completion of a more difficult allod you will move farther and farther and receive boosters of a higher quality, which will give you more and more bonus equipment stats.


The more difficult is an allod, the less attempts (deaths) does the party have. In case of defeat, you will have to start your journey through the allods all over again, or find an ally who has an unused cube of a higher quality.

In future, we will be posting the best results in a rating table on our website.

This system enables the strongest players to compete with each other in PvE activities and receive decent rewards for that!


In update 8.0.2, heroes will be rewarded with Achievements for completing certain tasks.

The Achievements will be divided into groups according to the types of tasks and displayed in the special window. This will help you easily track your progress. Scoring achievements will not affect the rest of the gaming process, but allow you to follow your character’s development - and show off in front of other players!

For instance, achievements are granted for becoming a champion of the Dionic Games, creating 10 incarnations of different classes, scoring multiple victories in the Trial of Blood, and many other accomplishments.

Please note that with update 8.0.2 we’re only beginning to develop the achievement system. In future it will be improved and expanded!


Of course, this is not the full list of changes! Also with update 8.0.2 are coming:

  • new bosses in the Observatory;
  • new Scout’s features;
  • new class talents in Aspect of Healing;
  • new type of rewards - ‘toys’ - and much more!


Patch Notes