Update 9.0.1 «Ascension»
Update 9.0.1 «Ascension»

Very soon The 9.0.1 «Ascension» update will be released to the public server. The continuation of the storyline, the updated Personal Allod, the return to the Al Rihat Ruins, a new Tower of Order battle, as well as many other interesting innovations are awaiting you there.

Inner Enemy

The events on Sogot have shown how easy it is to get under the influence of Nihaz and how dangerous and unpredictable the consequences can be.

A small lull in Sarnaut will give time to understand oneself and forever get rid of the threads that the god of Darkness likes to pull.

Personal Allod

A group of refugees from the Forox Allod, which is slowly but surely being devoured by the astral, will find shelter on your allod. Wienna, the disciple of the Great Magician Forox Tritogor, will share with you the secret of the production of Embrium for your assistance in the settlement development.

The mechanics of the Mazes robbery will dramatically change, and the Embrium produced on an allod with a labyrinth open for robberies can be spent on an extensive list of awards and various improvements for your allod.

Al Rihat Ruins

Players will be able to find themselves on the Al Rihat Ruins once again, where a lot of repeating tasks are awaiting for them and the fulfillment of these will reward players with Sovereigns, which can be spent on useful products: equipment, potions, food and much more.

Here, players will be able to quickly get the previous stage equipment, as well as get a Hero’s Insignia to improve it. Merchants will have an expanded range of items for «Smugglers Paradise».

Tower of Order

A new "control points capture" type of battle will appear after the update, called "Tower of Order". All players of the highest level will be able to participate in it. The task of both teams is to gain control over the points and to deliver as many special spheres as possible to these.

Not only the successful delivery of each sphere, but also their retention will give you points, although in the case of the death of the holder of the sphere, it will irretrievably disappear. Do not overestimate your strength and do not fail the team!

Other updates

In addition to all the above, the update will include:

  • Large-scale changes in the classes balance.
  • Reduced global time to restore skills.
  • Demonologists of the Arisen and Elves, Homuncles and Metamorphs.
  • Call of Honor at the Dionic Games.
  • Observatory Turnover with four new stories.
  • New «Lab 731» and «Silent Whirlpool» heroic adventures.
  • Expanded list of achievements.
  • Renewed Novograd.