Veteran Titles: How Do They Work?
Veteran Titles: How Do They Work?

Dear Sarnaut,

Most able bodied Sarnautians aspire to become soldiers of the League or Empire, representing their beliefs and fighting against common enemies with the support of like minded comrades. It takes a lot of hard work for even the most dedicated soldier to earn the respect of their peers – harder still to achieve impressive feats worthy of admirable titles and medals from the leaders themselves!

In this war ravaged world where death is merely a temporary set-back, time is more precious than life, hence the existence of a very unique accolade for those who give their it all – the dedicated service medal.

This particular medal is awarded depending on how many days you have logged in and played your character. By logging in every day, a hidden timer keeps track of your time and activity, ticking towards preset milestones – the further the milestone, the more impressive the medal.

Soldier ► Granted for 5 months of excellent service.
Veteran ► Granted for 1 year of excellent service.
Guardian ► Granted for 2 years of excellent service.
Warlord ► Granted for 5 years of excellent service.

Veterans Stand Out

The icon representing your medal is visible to all players, not just yourself, meaning everyone can see your contribution. If someone targets you or places their cursor on your character, they can check out your titles (pop-up window) and medals (avatar).

That's not all! Even non-player characters will recognize the importance of your service, especially merchants and vendors, all of which will provide a considerable discount to the most experienced soldiers of Sarnaut. Furthermore, the Warlord service medal will garner support from the Great Martyr's themselves, reducing the amount of mirra required to perform martyr abilities!

Soldier ► No Discount.
Veteran ► 5% Discount.
Guardian ► 10% Discount.
Warlord ► 10% Discount, 30% Mirra Reduction, and unique effect for Martyr spells

While these perks are not to be sniffed at, the medals do not provide any other actual changes to the game or gameplay, though this may very well change in the future!

-The Allods Team