The Wandering Isle Race
The Wandering Isle Race

Dear Sarnaut,

All throughout the world, competition is a way of life – from flat out war and fighting tournaments, to less fatal sports such as Goblinball and races. There are various races held in various locations, one of them being the Wandering Isles.

No matter where the race is held, the objective is to be the first to cross the finish line and pass all checkpoints.

The Wandering Isle race is held four times a day. To see the time when a race starts, simply open the Calendar (H key by default). On the Wandering Island, races are announced 15 and 5 minutes before they begin.

To participate in a race, you need to accept the corresponding quest from Nomarkh Ankh in the Cultist Camp.

This quest can be completed once a day – thus characters can receive only one reward a day. During the 15minute wait for the race to begin, you can turn into a Spark – the form you will be racing in. To do this, speak to Nomarkh Ankh again and select “Take part in the race”, and he will ask you to confirm your readiness.

As a spark, all abilities are inactive aside from those received in Spark form, of which there are three:

  1. Mental Pulse:
    A powerful mental wave emanates from the Spark, knocking back and stunning all enemies. Cast time: instant. Cooldown duration: 15s.

  2. Invisibility:
    The Spark becomes invisible for 5 seconds. The invisibility is lost if the Spark sustains damage or tries to cast a spell. Cast time: 2s. Cooldown duration: 30s.

  3. Flash:
    The Spark instantly teleports 35 yards ahead. Any obstacle on its way stops the teleport. Cast time: instant. Cooldown duration: 20s.

Mental Pulse is used to throw away and stun Pestilent Shadows, which will be described below. Players don’t often use Invisibility due to the 2 second cast time – every second counts! Flash is commonly used every time its cooldown expires.

On the left from Nomarkh Ankh, there is a violet circle. Enter it and wait until the race starts. At the precise time, which is designated in the Calendar (H), a 10-second countdown starts. If you leave the circle during the countdown, you won’t start the race. As soon as you see the Start sign, rush to the first checkpoint – though it is wise to make sure the "Start" subtask in your quest-log has been marked as completed, otherwise there is point continuing further. There are five checkpoints that you need to pass in order to complete the mission, each of them counted towards the quest counter.

In the Spark form, you can only be attacked by Pestilent Shadows. These shadows inflict damage and slow you down, which is quite unpleasant. Mental Pulse is a good means of avoiding this hindrance.

When you pass all five checkpoints, finish the race by heading to the Cultist Camp - the location you started from. The names of the winners (there will be three of them) will be announced in chat (you will see that if you are still in the Spark shape). To turn back to your usual shape, you need to remove the effect by right-clicking the icon on your buff/debuff bar. The first place in the race is rewarded with a Nippy Goblin for your Maze, and three Marathoner’s Chests; second place with two Marathoner’s Chests and, with chance of a Nippy Goblin; third place with a Marathoner’s Chest and, with a slightly smaller chance of a Nippy Goblin.

For completing the quest, regardless of position, you will be rewarded with 16 gold, 500 reputation with Sarn cultists, and guild Prestige. The amount of Prestige depends on your current Loyalty and your position in the race. At 100 Loyalty and with no tabard, you will receive 7,000 Prestige for first place; 5,000 for second place; 2,000 for the third place, and 100 in all other cases.

Marathoner’s Chest provide the following rewards:

  • Clot of Fog -- Allows summoning "Foggy Prancer".
  • Sparkling Powder -- Turns you into a Spark for 5 minutes (no abilities).
  • Cultist costume pieces are also supplied, as well as drops of Mirra for your martyr abilities.

Don't forget that you can even purchase cultist themed costumes via the NPC's located within the Cultist Camp - check out their wares!

-The Allods Team