Website Update: Game Page
Website Update: Game Page

Dear Sarnaut,

After hitting the Game Center with a goblin wrench, we've since breathed life into our very own Game Page, giving it vibrant animation and interactable information!

As of today, those who visit the game page will be met by a full list of class & race descriptions - accessible by clicking on the icon of your choosing - alongside the basics of gameplay, world history and the Astral.

Now you can read up on the history of the races and peer into the mindset of each factions representatives to see how they view life on Sarnaut, or check out the class descriptions for insight into which of the 10 classes appeal to your MMORPG playstyle and needs.

The media section has also been revamped, offering a lively gallery of screenshots, videos and concept art for players to enjoy - whilst those looking to delve even deeper into the game can avail of the collection of helpful links, guides and FAQ that have been compiled for easy access.

We've got many more tweaks and improvements on the way as we smooth the road towards the much anticipated 6.0.1 Update: "Brothers In Arms", so stay tuned!

-The Allods Team