7.0 "New Order": Feedback Contest
7.0 "New Order": Feedback Contest

Dear Sarnaut,

Almost four weeks have passed since 7.0: New Order hit our servers and we've only just scratched the surface! From class reworks and equipment system overhauls, to the re-emergence of the Architects and the League & Empire working together to prevent total annihilation at their hands... There was a lot to soak in and you did it with aplomb!

Now that everyone has had a chance to embrace the expansion and settle in to their characters, we wanted to get your thoughts on how the class revamp has impacted you, especially now that aspects have opened the door for everyone to seek roles in content regardless of their class. How well did you transition into the class changes? Did you find it refreshing to start anew with completely different abilities? Which aspect suits you best?

In short, we're looking for constructive tid-bits regarding your class and how you've adapted to the changes. These can be written in informative ways that are helpful to other players, or simply well written musings or experiences you've had since 7.0: New Order began. We'll be offering various prizes to those who pitch us the most informative class based posts!


  • 1st: 6000 Premium Crystals & 4 Week Subscription to Smuggler's Paradise.
  • 2nd: 5000 Premium Crystals & 3 Week Subscription to Smuggler's Paradise.
  • 3rd: 4000 Premium Crystals & 2 Week Subscription to Smuggler's Paradise.

NOTE: These prizes are offered per region/language.


The contest will run from the 29th of April until the 13th of May @ 23:59 CEST.

  • Your text must not exceed 500 words.
  • Your text must be posted within the dedicated thread.
  • You identify yourself as the author of the content you are submitting.
  • The subject of your text must be classes in general, or your class in particular.
  • You agree not to submit any content protected by copyright or already published on the Internet.
  • You can include pictures, but the majority of the content must be text-based (ie. you cannot make a big picture to display your text; the focus is on creative writing, not artistic abilities).

We thank you all for your feedback and support during the 7.0: New Order experience and wish you the best of luck in the competition!

-The Allods Team